Fakultät Informatik

Welcome to TUM Informatics!

As a student at one of our department’s international  partner universities, you can spend a semester or year on exchange with us here in Munich. Read through this section for all the details on application, courses, practical arrangements, and more.

 Courses - how to find them
The website guides you step by step through TUMonline, our online course portal, so that you find courses and can prepare your study program or learning agreement respectively.

 Plan Your Exchange
Practical academic and logistical information to help you prepare for your stay as exchange or double-degree student.

 Application for Exchange stay
How to submit your application to TUM International Center - information for exchange students or non-degree seeking students.

 Application for Double Degree Students
Information on our international double degree programs. Students in these programs come from one of our partner universities and combine study at their home university with study at TUM Informatics in order to earn two master’s degrees.

 During Your Exchange
Practical information for current visiting students.

 Exams and Transcripts
Practical information on examinations and transcripts.