When do exams take place?

Exams in the Department of Informatics normally start around the end of the lecture period until the third week of the lecture-free period at the latest. Retake exams (taken by students who fail the first time) are usually held at the beginning of the next semester, either in the last three weeks of the lecture-free period or in the first week of lectures.You can find the dates here.

Examination results are published within four weeks of the examination date. These timescales apply to the Department of Informatics only. 

Due to the large number of exams and rooms required, the general timeframes given above are subject to change. Please check the exact dates of the examinations for your individual courses. The examination dates are issued during the first few weeks of the course. 

Please take a look at the information below to learn more about exam registration, deadlines, and withdrawal guidelines. Note: If you do not register via TUMonline, the credits will not count towards to your ECTS account.

Registration for Exams

  • Registration for examination must be done via TUMonline
  • Note: You have to register for all exams, practical courses and seminars included. The only exeptions are practical courses and seminars with the following module numbers: IN0012, IN0013, IN0014, IN2106, IN2107, only for these you will be automatically registered.
  • Registration for a course does NOT mean you are automatically registered for the respective examination. 
  • Separate, advance registration must be made via TUMonline EVERY time you take an examination (including retake exams). The only exception are mid-term exams. If you registered for a mid-term exam, then you will be automatically registered for the final exam. 
  • Taking an examination does not replace registration. If you do not register for an exam in TUMonline, the credits will not count towards to your degree program. 
  • Please pay attention to further information given by your lecturers and teaching staff. Additional on-site registration may be necessary for some examinations.

Dates and deadlines for registration and examinations

Dates of the Department of Informatics for examination registration in winter term 2017/18

Courses with midterm or early examination: Special registration dates!

  • Midterm exam  „Computer Aided Medical Procedures (CAMP) - IN2021” on 07.12.17   - registration  06.11.17 bis  30.11.17
  • Midterm exam „Tracking and Detection in Computer Vision (IN2210)“ on – registration
  • Endterm exam „ Auktion Theory and Market Design (IN2211)“  on 12.01.18 - registration 20.11.17 bis 05.01.18
  • Endterm exam  „Software Engineering in an Industrial Setting (IN2235)“ on 18.12.17 -  registration 06.11.16 bis 11.12.17
  • Endterm exam „Basic Concepts of Programming (IN1501)“ on  – registration

Students who choose to participate in the midterm exam do not have to register again for the respective endterm exam.

Examinations at the end of winter term 2017/18:

  • Written examinations take place between vom 05.02.18 - 03.03.18
  • The registration for these examinations is possible between 20.11.17 - 15.01.18 (strict deadline!)
  • Dates for oral examinations are being fixed by the respective lecturer.

Examinations at the start of summer term 2018 (resits):

  • Period of exams for resits:  24.03.18 - 14.04.18.
  • The registration for most of these examinations is possible 05.03.18 - 19.03.18. Due to the short time between endterm examinations and registration for resits in this winter term, some exams will have other registration periods. Please check the registration periods for all your exams in TUMonline at the beginning of March.

Keep these deadlines in mind and register in time. If you encounter difficulties during registration
contact the Infopoint Informatics immediately within the registration period.

After the deadline, no registration will be possible anymore! If you participate without registration neither the ECTS credits nor the grade will be added to your account and you will have to repeat the exam. 

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering:

TUM School of Management:

Department of Mathematics:

Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology: 

How to register for examinations in TUMonline

1. Log in to the TUMonline portal

  • You need a myTUM account to log in to the TUMonline portal. If you have forgotten your password or the answer to your security question, please contact TUM IT support.
  • Log in with your myTUM ID (xxxx@mytum.de) and myTUM password
  • If your myTUM ID is rejected, please try your LRZ ID and your myTUM password. Your LRZ ID can be viewed at: portal.mytum.de > Login > Meine Einstellungen > Accountinformationen 
  • If log in fails with your LRZ ID, please try to reset your myTUM password within the myTUM portal.
  • If you are still not able to log in, please contact TUM IT support.


2. Register for an examination in TUMonline

See this page for information about logging in and registering for examinations.

The registration system automatically marks all registrations as "provisional". You can ignore this, as there are no admission requirements for examinations in the Department of Informatics. 

If your examinations do not appear in your curriculum tree, please use the "Prüfungs An-/Abmeldung" for registration (see information sheet). Please search for the module ID of the related course using the search field next to "Prüfung". If the examination cannot be found, please contact the Infopoint Informatik.

The examination registration for resits in TUMonline doesn´t work! What can I do? Step by step instruction as PDF


  1. Check if the exam you intend to repeat has already been graded, if not, be patient and try again after a few days. Only if the grades have been submitted and you have not passed, you can register for the repetition!
  2. If the exam has been graded and you failed, but you still can not register, refer to http://www.it.tum.de/en/tumonline/ or the TUMonline brochure.
  3. If you are still facing difficulties, contact the Infopoint Informatics before end of registration period.

How can I see the exams I am registered for?

There are different options to check if you are actually registered for an exam: 
1) click "Exam Registration" in your personal business card (find some information about your personal business card here
2) click "Student Files" in your personal business card, Tab "all exams" 
3) click "Study Status / Curriculum" in your personal business card, choose the exam (green flag) and look for the check mark over the green "P" button 
Attention: If you are registered for an exam not by yourself but by the staff of the TUM (e.g. registration for the IDP), the exam is not visible in the "Exam Registration" (option 1) - choose option 2 or 3

Withdrawal from Examinations


You have until the end of the registration period to withdraw your registration for an examination via TUMonline. This does not apply if you are obliged to retake an exam. Registration for written exams can be cancelled up to 7 days before the exam.

Be aware that a 5,0 will be shown in your Print Grade Report if you do not cancel in time.

If the examination regulations for your program allow for other withdrawals (e.g. early withdrawal), you can do this at the Infopoint Informatics.

If you have any problems registering for an examination, please contact the Infopoint Informatics immediately. 

Withdrawals for Medical Reasons

The following degree programs do not restrict the number of times an examination can be repeated:

  • Bachelor's in Informatics
  • Bachelor's in Information Systems
  • all master's degree programs lasting 4 semesters

Therefore, you need to provide medical evidence of your inability to sit an examination only in exceptional cases, e.g. if you envisage problems obtaining sufficient credit points during your program.

If you cannot sit an examination due to illness, you need to provide a medical certificate as soon as possible to prove you were unable to take the exam. You should keep this medical certificate safe until the end of your program as you may need to present it to the examination board.

If you are uncertain whether a medical certificate meets the regulations, please check with the appropriate administrative contact during their consultation hours. 

See also the requirements for the medical certificate on the university page about withdrawing from examinations and the list of approved medical examiners.

Grading and Post-Examination Review


1.0, 1.3:  "very good" = excellent performance

1.7, 2.0, 2.3:  "good" = performance well above average

2.7, 3.0, 3.3:  "satisfactory" = average performance

3.7, 4.0:  "sufficient" = performance meets the standards in spite of deficiencies

4.3, 4.7, 5.0:  "fail" = performance does not meet the standards because of substantial deficiencies. 

Post-Examination Review

TUM Informatics has set up some internal directions for the post examination review. These concern staff as well as students. It is to be seen as a recommendation, and exceptions can be made in well-founded individual cases.

Directions for the post examination review