Workshop Intercultural Competence & Communication

What's an intercultural workshop about?

Interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds is an important part of daily life at university, in work environments, and in our private lives. These encounters are often complicated, and they can sometimes cause a clash of very different perceptions and expectations.

Every semester, we offer several Intercultural Competence and Communication workshops. This three-day-workshop will help you to improve your intercultural competences and to successfully handle your studies in an intercultural environment. The workshop is designed to be interactive allowing participants to practice their newly acquired knowledge and skills. In exercises and role playing you will learn how your own cultural imprint guides your perception and behavior and why other people may react differently than expected.

Target group: Who can participate?

The workshop aims at international and German degree students of the Bachelor's and Master's study programs at the Department of Informatics who are planning a stay abroad or are interested in the subject.

Topics include among others: What's a cultural shock and how do I deal with it? Different learning and teaching styles, What are stereotypes? How do I make friends in another country? What does a professor expect of me?

Our workshops: register now!

 Intercultural Workshop Nr. 1 (in English) November 8-10 2019 (14-15 hour workload):

  • Fr, November 8th 2019: 2pm - 6pm
  • Sat, November 9th: 10am- ca. 5/6pm
  • Sun, November 10th: 10am- 2pm

Intercultural Workshop Nr. 2 (in English) November 23 - 24 (14-15 hour workload):

  • Sat, November 23rd 2019: 10am - 6pm
  • Sun, November 24th 2019: 10am - 5pm

There are 18 places available per workshop. Register to one of the workshops below:

>> Registration for the 1st workshop: November 8-10 <<

>> Registration for the 2nd workshop: November 23-24 <<

The demand is high, however, many participants do not show up during the first day and places are lost for other students. We therefore decided to take a registration deposit of 10€, to be paid in cash within 8 days after registration. The money will be refunded to all participants present on the respective workshop. You can step by at Martina von Imhoff's office (00.09.035) to pay the deposit. 

Please note
1. For students taking part in the German Matters program, another intercultural workshop, organised by the Language Center will take place. As the selection for the German Matters program will overlap with the registration for this workshop, just apply simultanously for both. If you get a place in the German Matters Program, you can decide in which of the intercultural workshops you want to participate. But please inform us if you are not participating in this workshop so that we can give the place to someone else!

2. The intercultural workshop are open for incoming exchange students of our department, select "exchange students at TUM Informatics" in the online form.

3. Due to more frequent withdrawals at short notice, students withdrawing registrations without attestation or credible reason will have less priority for future workshops. The same rule applies for non excisting feedback on calls for confirmation. So please schedule accordingly and register if you have time on the applicable weekend. TUM Informatics invests in these workshops and in the intercultural education of its students. So the capacity of the workshops should be used to a maximum.


Info: Intercultural Certificate

In 2017, TUM Department of Informatics introduced an Intercultural Certificate in order to recognize additional international, integrative and intercultural commitment and activities of our degree students - outside of the curriculum.

One obligatory component is an intercultural Workshop. Participations in our past workshops are included in the certificate. So join in! 

More information at our website about the Intercultural Certificate.