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Flexible Childcare

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TUM Informatics offers childcare for students and employees with children in the Kinderzimmer, room 03.010.22B. The childcare service is meant to serve as a complementary service to your main childcare and is booked at the beginning of each semester. It is also possible to make individual bookings on short notice with at least one day’s advance notice, if space allows.

How to make a Kinderzimmer booking:

Please contact us at  kinderzimmer(at)mailschlichter.informatik.tu-muenchen.de to make bookings for the upcoming semester. Requests should include:

- dates and times when you would like to book childcare

- name and e-mail address of the parent working or studying in the building

- name and age of each child

If you are flexible on dates and times, please indicate this (for example: “I'd like to bring my child in any two mornings a week”).

Please also contact us if you have visitors who need childcare or if you wish to arrange childcare for guests during a special event (e.g. a seminar, workshop, or conference).

An additional Kinderzimmer, room 01.05.014B, is available for parents or other caregivers who can supervise children themselves.

Who can use these services?

The childcare service is open to everyone who studies or works in the FMI building or another department of the TUM, including guests, for their own children, grandchildren, and any children who are temporarily in their care. The age of the children is typically between 1 and 4 years, but younger or older children are also welcome. A parent or another designated contact person must be reachable by mobile phone while a child is in the Kinderzimmer. 

Costs and Payment

We charge a small fee of €3/hour for students and €5/hour for employees. A 50% discount applies for each additional child. Payment is made via special coupons (Wertmarken) that are sold by Prof. Dr. Christina Kuttler, Room: 03.04.040. Please bring exact change if possible. The coupons stay valid indefinitely, so we suggest buying a large block of coupons if you use the service regularly.

Survey about the children's room

To get a first impression about the needs for a children's room we would ask all interested people to answer some questions about it.

Please send your answers per email to Ms. Kuttler, women's representative and co-initiator of the faculty of mathematics:  kuttler(at)ma.tum.de

Would you like to look after your child /children there on your own?

Would you like to access care through other people?

Or would both be a possibilty for you?

If care is desired: How flexible should it be possible to request it?

Is it also helpful if caring staff is available in any case to preassigned times?

How old is your child / are your children?

Could you approximately estimate how often you would like to use the children's room? (If possible, a specification of weekdays, times of day etc. as well as information about the situations in which you would like to use the children's room, are very welcome)

Do you have any special requirements or wishes regarding the children's room?


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