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Experience: Michaela Ranner is a fourth-semester student of Informatics (M.Sc.) at the TUM

I have been studying Informatics at the TU München for five years now. I like it even better now than when I started and this is partially due to the fact that there is always something new to discover.

My decision to study Informatics was motivated by my interest in solving problems strategically, just like it is being done in Mathematics. However, studying Mathematics appeared far too monotonous and difficult for me. As I have always been fascinated by computers and technology, I decided that Informatics was a perfect combination of my interests.

I did not know much about the subject or its contents at the beginning. From my family I have learned, however, that there are numerous occupational areas for those who have finished studying Informatics.
This is especially true for those who have finished their education at a renowned university, which is why I decided to study Informatics at the TU München.

What I liked about the first semesters were the basics I was taught and all the different areas of specialty I discovered. Based on this information I was able to decide which area of specialty to pursue in the subsequent semesters. The numerous seminars and internships I have taken part in, were designed to provide me with detailed and practical information about the departments, their areas of activity and methods of operation.

Highlight of my bachelor’s degree was without doubt the participation in a project called  DOLLI (Distributed Online Logistic and Location Infrastructure) in my fifth semester. Aim of this project was to solve a real software issue provided by the Flughafen München GmbH (Munich Airport). I was one of the fifty students who participated and worked on the problem over the course of one semester either at home or at the university. At the end, we were assigned offices at the airport where we continued to work full-time for two weeks in order to complete the project. We presented our results in front of many interested airport employees and even one of the three managing directors, which was a great honour. We learnt a lot about the different fields of Software Engineering as well as about the planning and designing of software. Efficient project management, familiarization with new technologies and systems as well as the professional cooperation with customers were part of our internship. Studying Informatics at the TU München is really so much more than learning about the theory.

Not only was I thrilled by the numerous areas of specialty offered at the university but also by the large number of additional subjects in which to participate. For instance, in the course of a  seminar I learned how to develop a business idea and how to use this for the establishment of a company. I took courses to perfect my language skills and came to know about the activities of computer scientists in business during guest lectures and exhibitions on the campus. These also gave me the opportunity to get to know possible employers. And these are only a few of the many possibilities open to students of the TU München.

I also seized the opportunity of working as a student assistant at the university. I am currently working for the course guidance and for the  Informatik-Forum Frauen (IFF, Women in Informatics). Especially my insight into the IFF allowed me to understand what it means to be working as a scientist at a university. During the semester, the female members of the scientific staff and interested students of the Master’s course get together for the so called Lunch Meeting. It is there that invited speakers talk about their activities in the area of Informatics for example. The forum provides students with the possibility to establish contacts, share knowledge, and learn about newest developments at an early stage.
The many positive experiences I made over the course of my studies encouraged me in thinking that I have chosen the right field of study and the right university.

As I do not want to leave university after having received my Master’s degree, I will continue my education at the Faculty of Informatics as a PhD candidate, if that is possible. I think this is another good example for how much I like the atmosphere at the TU München.

In case this has aroused your interest, do not hesitate to come and visit the TU München yourself or search through the website for more information.

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