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Student Clubs and Activities

From sports teams to music festivals to museum tours, there is a wide range of extracurricular activities open to you as a student at TUM Informatics. Listed below are just a few of the activities held on and off campus that may be of interest to you as an exchange student. 

TUM Student Activities

TUMinternational Events

 TUMi offers orientation weeks to help international students get settled at the beginning of their studies in Munich. During the semester they also organize a varied cultural program.

International Café

The International Café is organized regularly during the winter and summer terms for all students in the informatics department, providing international and German students the chance to get to know each other. Often a special guest (such as a professor) is invited to speak on a topic relevant to student life.

TUM Sports (ZHS)

The  TUM sports association, called ZHS, offers classes, facilities, and international competitions for over 100 different sports (aerobics, sailing, team sports, skiing, martial arts, and more) at Olympiapark.

To participate, you will need a membership card with a valid stamp for the semester. Membership fees range from €7.50-€30 per semester depending on your chosen activity. You first order the card and stamp and pay your membership fees, then select the course you wish to participate in.

Garching Campus Choir

In the  Garching Campus Choir, students sing songs from all over the world and perform in concerts in Garching and Munich.

 More about student life at TUM

Create Your Own Group

If you would like to propose an activity and create a group yourself, you can contact TUM’s student representatives and apply for the status of a university group (Hochschulgruppe). You can then use rooms at TUM to hold meetings or activities. Please contact TUM’s Student Representatives, the  AstA, for more information.

Student Activities Off Campus

University of Music and Performing Arts

The  University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich offers many excellent free  concerts and theater performances performed by students.

Student Union

Studentenwerk Munich, the Munich student union, offers lots of useful information for international students on its  website. Its  Culture Bureau also organizes events such as guided museum tours and visits to local companies and breweries.

One World – One Family

The  One World – One Family initiative brings together Munich residents and international students. The initiative offers a great opportunity for you to learn about German culture while also teaching others in the local community about your own cultural background.


The  Toytown website is a large online community of international expats living in Munich. Here you’ll find lists of international activities in Munich, as well as other useful resources such as restaurant reviews.

Catholic Student Association (KHG)

The TUM Catholic Student Association  KHG offers  advising for international students as well as  excursions and activities.

Protestant Student Association (ESG)

The TUM Protestant Student Association  ESG offers advising for international students as well as a broad spiritual and secular program.

Muslim Student Association (IHM)

The  Munich Muslim Student Association (IHM) arranges Islamic religious and cultural activities for students in Munich.