Admissions: Master’s Programs

We welcome applications from prospective master’s students with relevant qualifications and language skills. In this section you will find general information on the application process for master’s programs; please see the individual master's program pages for details of specific entry requirements and application dates for your chosen program.

Eligibility (GRE, Gate etc.)

General requirements are a completed bachelor’s degree and proof of English proficiency. Specific eligibility requirements vary between programs; please check your program’s page in the menu to the left for full details. 

Applicants with a Degree from Bangladesh, China, India, Iran or Pakistan will have to submit a GRE (General) Test. We have defined required minimum scores, lower scores will not be accepted!
The required scores are:
Verbal reasoning: (will not be taken into account anymore)
Quantitative reasoning: 157
Analytical writing: 3.5
The Institution Code: 7806, Department: 5199 ("all other departments").

Alternatively, students can submit a score card of the Indian GATE test (Computer Science; for M.Sc. CSE the Mechanical Engineering Test will also be accepted). The minimal qualifying score of the respective year is necessary.

Application and Required Documents

Application Deadlines

For the winter semester: January 01 - May 31; recommended deadline for applicants who need a visa: March 31

For the summer semester (not possible for M.Sc. Biomedical Computing, M.Sc. Computational Science and Engineering): September 01 - November 30; recommended deadline for applicants who need a visa: October 31

Application process

Submitting an application consists of

1. Completing an online application form in TUMonline
2. Mailing in paper copies of the application materials per post

Your paper application form must arrive at the admission office before the end of the deadline! It is also possible to drop off the application documents personally at the Student Service Center of TUM before the end of the deadline.

1. Online application

Apply online through the TUMonline portal. Create a TUMonline account and complete an online application form for your selected program. You will be asked to enter details about yourself and upload the following documents: 

  • a personal statement explaining why you have chosen this master’s program and TUM specifically (max. 2 pages, see our FAQs for tips on writing your personal statement)
  • your CV/résumé
  • an essay of approx. 1,000 words in German or English on a specified topic (not for MSc. CSE, see the individual program pages for details of essay topics)
  • Curriculum ("module descriptions") of the underlying university degree (not for MSc. CSE)
  • a passport photo

2. Mailing in paper copies of the application materials by post

When you have submitted your online application, your account will show a list of documents that you must send by post to the Admissions Office. The documents vary depending on the applicant, but usually include:

  • a printout of your application form with your signature
  • form "Analysis of the Curriculum" (see applications website for the respective study program)
  • a copy of your bachelor's degree certificate, including a list of courses and grades OR an official transcript of records as a notarized photocopy (round or triangular seal required, check notarization requirements). Documents not issued in German or English must be translated and notarized by a sworn translator, check here.
  • proof of your English and/or German language proficiency
  • GRE or Gate score for applicants with a BSc. degree from Bangladesh, China, India, Iran, Pakistan (you can either submit a certified copy of the original score card or have the score transmitted directly via ETS)
  • certificates from professional training or additional qualifications related to the program (e.g. participation in research competitions, internships, etc.)
  • a copy of your passport
  • conformation of health insurance for submission to a university (only needed for the enrolment in case of admission) 

International applicants:

Attention new requirement: If you did not obtain your Bachelor's degree in a country within the EU/EEA, you have to submit a preliminary record evaluation from uni-assist. As this can take up to 4 weeks, we highly recommend to send the necessary documents to uni-assist very early. More information here.

Additionally, special requirements for documents apply if you come from one of the following countries: Bangladesh, China, Georgia, India, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan, Austria, South Tyrol and Vietnam.

Please do also check the requirements for Notarization, especially for translations!

Documents should be sent to the following address:

TU München
Immatrikulationsamt (Admissions Office)
Arcisstr. 21
D-80333 München

If your documents are complete and valid, they will be forwarded to the Department of Informatics. The admission committee will decide whether you can be admitted directly or have to do an interview. You can also be rejected directly.

Preliminary documentation from Uni-assist

Applicants who did not obtain their qualification for postgraduate studies (usually a bachelor's degree) in a country within the EU/EEA must apply for a preliminary documentation (VPD) from uni-assist, additionally to the TUM application.

What documents must be submitted to uni-assist?

  • Filled-in application form for VPD (see Downloads)
  • a certified copy of your degree certificate (if available)
  • a certified copy of your transcript of records
  • a certified translation, given that the original documents have not been issued in either German or English

You don't have to submit an entire application for a specific program to uni-assist, you only have to apply for the general preliminary documentation (VPD).

An application for a VPD via uni-assist alone does not qualify as an application for a degree program at TUM.


You may be invited to attend an admission interview with a professor from TUM Informatics either in person in Garching, via Skype, or by telephone. The interview takes about 20 minutes and helps us determine whether you are likely to complete your studies successfully. We are particularly interested in the following: 

  • your exceptional commitment
  • your subject-specific expertise
  • your comprehension of abstract, logical, and system-oriented problems
  • your approach to solving complex problems in Informatics
  • your communication skills

You are not required to have any specialist knowledge about the content that will be covered in the program and there will not be a written test. However, the interviewers may ask you about what you learned during your bachelor's program.

Interview Logistics

International applicants for programs taught in English and living abroad will be contacted by e-mail to arrange an interview by telephone or the internet, for which you will generally need a webcam. All other applicants will be required to attend the interview in person.

If you live in Germany, please select your preferred date when applying via TUMonline. We will try to offer you a time on your preferred date, but this cannot be guaranteed. You may receive an invitation up to one week prior to the interview date.

Please note: due to the high number of applications we receive per semester, we cannot guarantee that you will be invited to Garching for an interview on your preferred date, nor can we postpone the date you are assigned. In very few exceptional cases, you can apply for a new date and give us a reason why you cannot make the original date. The new date will be scheduled no later than two weeks before the start of the semester. 

What Happens Next?

You will be informed of your admissions decision after either stage 1 or stage 2. After being admitted, you will receive information on orientation events at the Department etc.

Please check the website of TU München for information about enrollment, the Student Union fees and your StudentCard.

In case of admission: Postponing the study start

Master's students can postpone their start of program, e.g. if they need time to finance their studies or did not get their visa on time.
You will receive an admission for the following semester - but only if you submit a new application for the respective semester within the official application deadline.

Further information on postponing the study start here (After admission)