Application – M.Sc. Data Engineering and Analytics


Students who have completed, or are about to complete, a Bachelor's degree in Informatics/Computer Science, Mathematics (with Informatics as a minor) or a related subject are eligible to apply. 
We will compare your transcript to the curriculum of the corresponding Bachelor's program of TUM - B.Sc. Informatics or B.Sc. Mathematics. If your Bachelor's program did not cover the main subjects of the respective study program, you cannot be admitted to the Master's program. The academic qualification is the most important criteria for us. Missing academic qualification cannot be compensated by working experience.
Please check our general eligibility requirements for Master's prorgrams.

Analysis of the Curriculum

Please download and complete the form below, sign it and then send it to us by post together with the rest of your application documents!

Form - Curriculum Analysis for applicants with a Bachelor's degree in Informatics

Form - Curriculum Analysis for applicants with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics

Topics for the scientific essay

The application essay, submitted along with the online application, should be approximately 1,000 words in length and can be written in English or German. Your scientific essay should introduce the topic, discuss it, and lead to a logical conclusion. Please use relevant data and scientific literature to support your argumentation. Ideas that are not your own must be identified as such and you should list your sources of information at the end. The essay must be your own work and you should write it without any assistance. 

Applicants must choose one of the following topics:

  • Topic 1: 
    The interaction of data analysis and road safety with respect to autonomous vehicles 
  • Topic 2: 
    Personalization versus 'Filter Bubble': The influence of personalization on the quality of search queries
  • Topic 3: 
    The new challenges for Informatics arising from the analysis of extremely large data sets

Proof of German language proficiency

For international applicants:
This Master's program can be completed in English and knowledge of the German language is not relevant for your admission. Nonetheless, as you are studying in Germany, the Bavarian State Government insists that you acquire at least a basic level of German language knowledge during your course of study. 
In case you already have knowledge of the German language (level A1 or higher), please submit the proof as part of the application. The certificate must indicate the highest level of your acquired German language skills and must be submitted in original or as a certified copy.
Students who did not provide proof of proficiency in German, are admitted on condition to complete one module providing integrative knowledge of the German language within the first two semesters of their studies. All modules counting for your study program will be recognized for this. We strongly recommend to also participate in a German language course, e.g. at the TUM Language Center.

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • Online application and submission of required documents:
    For the winter semester: 
    January 1 – March 31: recommended application deadline for applicants who need a visa 
    May 31: compulsory application deadline (closing of the online application portal)
    For the summer semester: 
    September 1 – October 31: recommended application for applicants who need a visa 
    November 30: compulsory application deadline (closing of the online application portal)
  • Extended deadline for individual missing application documents:    
    Application for the winter semester: August 15 (receipt stamp!)
    Application for the summer semester: February 15 (receipt stamp!)                     
    BEWARE: the evaluation process will only be started when the application is complete. It will take longer, a timely start of the program cannot be guaranteed, esp. if visa is needed. It is very likely that you have to defer your study start to next semester.
  • Admissions decisions made, interview invitations sent via e-mail:    
    For the winter semester: March – July
    For the summer semester: December – March
  • Telephone interviews:
    For international applicants living abroad, an individual date will be arranged when your documents have been checked.
  • Start of program (lecture period):
    Winter semester: 16 October 2017
    Summer semester: 09 April 2018