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Exams and Transcripts

At TUM, each department determines its own examination period. At TUM Informatics, written examinations take place over a four-week period each semester, starting with the last week of the lecture period and continuing an additional three weeks. An exam timetable will be published on the  exams page before each exam period

Please remember that you must register for each of your exams in TUMonline in late November for winter semester exams and in June for summer semester exams. See the pdf guide available on the right for instructions on how to register.

Registering for exams - Rules and Guidelines

Registering for exams - Rules and Guidelines

The registration for exams in winter semester starts in mid-November until January 15. During summer semester you register for exams from the beginning of May until June 30. 

If you don't register in time, no credits will apear on your transcript. It is a very strict deadline, so keep the deadlines in mind. The Office of Academic Affairs as well as the Team International Affairs will send reminders by email. 

In case you have issues with registering, the step-by-step guideline on the right hand side explains, how to register for exams in TUMonline and where to find the tutorials.

Alternative Exams for Exchange Students via application only

Alternative Exams for Exchange Students via application only

As TUM’s semester dates often do not align with those of our partner universities abroad, it is sometimes – but not always – possible for exchange students to make alternative exam arrangements via our application procedure so that they can leave Munich in time to start the next semester at their home university. You may be allowed to arrange for an early or alternative form of examination or (less common) take the exam remotely in your home country.

If you need to apply for alternative exams, please do not contact your lecturers. We will send you the application form and further instructions about the procedure during the registration period for exams every semester. You will need to provide an official confirmation from your home university that you need to be back on a certain date that overlaps with the date of the regular exam. Important: You must still register for the regular exam even if you are arranging for alternative exam times. Make sure to stay enroled until the date of the regular exam, even if your alternate exam is at an earlier date!

Please note that as we cannot guarantee that you will be able to have alternative exams approved, it is important to keep the semester dates in mind when planning your semester at TUM, especially if you are counting on transferring back a certain number of credits.

TUM Transcript of Records (ToR)

TUM Transcript of Records (ToR)

A transcript (also called academic transcript or transcript of records) is an official document in English and German showing:

  • A list of courses attended at TUM (lectures, seminars, etc.)
  • Number of ECTS credits per course
  • Grades earned
  • Grading table

You will likely need a transcript to bring to your home university upon completion of your studies at TUM.

Transcripts can be easily produced by logging in to your TUMonline account and selecting “Student Performance Records” in the “studies” column. You will have two choices: "Print Examination Report" and "Print Grade Report". Select "Print Grade Report" to produce an official transcript. The bilingual transcript lists courses in German and English.

The transcript has the English title 'grade report', as TUM calls the final certificate of degree students a Transcript of Records only. Nevertheless your transcript is fully valid, it isn't possible to produce another certificate for non-degree/exchange students. It is valid without signature and stamp, you may use the following confirmation letter when submitting your transcript at your home university. 

For ERASMUS+ students: Consequently, we don't sign the part 'after the mobility' of the ERASMUS+ Learning Agreements. Your TUM Transcript of Records is the official replacement for it.

Note: Due to the different semester dates at TUM, some grades will be published late!

Issue of Transcripts of Records

Issue of Transcripts of Records

Transcripts of Records will be ready after the examination periods:

  • Mid-March or the end of April/beginning of May for grades of winter semester
  • Beginning of September or the end of October/beginning of November for grades of summer semester

Thank you for your understanding that Transcript of Records can not be issued before or in between these dates. By international comparison TUM semester dates and  examination periods are later during the academic year. Please take that into account. Check your TUMonline account if all grades appear and are set valid. Otherwise they won't be indicated on your transcript of records (see grade report!). 

We expect that most partner universities will accept TUM Transcripts of Records without signature and stamp! Please refer to the letter of confirmation by TUM International Center.

Only in the rare case that your home university insists on a signed and stamped ToR, you can request a signed and stamped Transcript of Records (ToR) by sending an email to Martina von Imhoff by the end of your stay at TUM with the postal address. Kindly check your TUMonline account if all grades appear and are set valid. It is your responsibility before you make the request for a signed and stamped ToR. You have life-long access to your TUMonline account after the removal from the register of students (Exmatrikulation).


Guideline How to Register for Exams

TUM Confirmation: Transcript valid without stamp and signature

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