Registration and Advising

Register for the Intercultural Certificate online at the end of your studies at TUM, using the registration form

Once you have collected all documents of confirmation, you can upload these to the portal. You can request a certificate only once during your TUM studies. 

Our checklist for the ICC Integration guides you through the process. As soon as you have sent your completed application for a certificate, using the online form, the coordinators of the Intercultural Certificate will be informed. If there are no matters requiring clarification, you will be issued your certificate within 2–3 weeks. 

Target group

The  Intercultural Certificate is intended exclusively for students enrolled in a fulltime BSc or MSc program at the TUM Department of Informatics; neither exchange students (incoming) nor doctoral candidates, nor students at other TUM departments, are able to participate.

Participants must either plan a stay abroad (Mobility option) or, as an international student, complete an internship or a period of employment as a student worker at a company in Germany (Integration option). Other options or combinations are not possible.

Further questions?

Consult our FAQs first and make use of our consultation hour, where you have the opportunity to inform yourself in detail about the entire process. The checklist, you ideally bring printed and filled out, helps you prepare your questions.


Consultation hour:
Mondays, 3-4 pm in MI 00.09.035