Intercultural Certificate - Mobility

This Certificate aims at students of the Department of Informatics who are planning a stay abroad during their studies. The focus is on students with a university entrance certificates from Germany ("Bildungsinländer") or students who study here a degree in German.

The Certificate consists of the following four areas:

  1. Intercultural Education and Language: Intercultural training of min. 2 days and Language course(s) that are mainly not part of your degree program.
  2. Stay abroad (lasting a minimum of two months, whether a study abroad experience, internship or research stay)
  3. Student Engagement: at least one element in the area
  4. Ambassador Function: at least one element in the area

All elements must be completed while enrolled in your degree program at TUM. So non-degree seeking students, like exchange students, can not apply for the Intercultural Certificate, neither can doctoral candidates.

Before you register, click on one of the four areas to find out more: