Fakultät Informatik

Quick Reference for Students

Excellent research and education requires a powerful and innovative IT infrastructure.

In the following students can find a brief overview of the most important IT services. Especially new students shall benefit from this introduction.

1. Overview

The  IT Service Group RBG provides as IT department a broad spectrum of information, communication and multimedia services for the Departments of Mathematics and Informatics. The RBG works in close cooperation with   IT-Servicecenter ITSZ and the  Leibniz-Rechenzentrum LRZ.

While RBG concentrats its efforts on the dedicated needs of the Departments of Mathematics and Informatics (e.g. department accounts, department E-Mail, department computerpools, etc.) the ITSZ is responsible for the central IT topics of the TUM (e.g.TUMonline, Moodle, etc.). The Leibnitz-Rechenzentrum LRZ operates supercomputers like "SuperMUC" for all Bavarian universities. It offers as service provider for the TUM many common service across all TUM departments (TUM accounts, central online storage, etc.).

2. Services

2.1 Accounts

Department of Informatics

Each new student will get his account credentials at the Study Introduction Days (SET) during the guided tour at the campus. Later on please contact the  Infopoint for Informatics Students.
Room-Number: 00.10.013

Department of Mathematics

Each new student will get his account credentials at the Study Introduction Days (SET). Later please contact the  Infopoint for Mathematics Students in Room-Number 00.10.054.



2.2 Certificates

Certificates and corresponding private keys are used for digital signature, secure encryption and strong authentication. The IT Service Group RBG is integrated into the trust chain of DFN and is entitled to provide standardized X.509 certificates, which are commonly used for security functions in many applications.

Certificates for E-Mail and dedicated protected web sites.

 Infopoint for Informatics Students as first contact point.

Room Number: 00.10.013

Additional information and a detailled installation description for your certificate can be found  here

2.3 E-Mail

2.3.1 Naming Conventions

Informatics E-mail address

The following E-Mail addresses can be used, as soon as you have fetched your account information at Infopoint (cf. point 2.1):


<given name>.<surname>@in.tum.de

<given name>.<surname>@cs.tum.edu

<given name>.<surname>@informatik.tu-muenchen.de



TUM E-mail address

You will get your TUM E-Mail address as soon as you are accredited. At TUMonline (cf. point 2.4) you can set your prefered alias according to the following naming conventions:


<given name>.<surname>@tum.de





Remark: The TUM E-Mail adress will be used as login-name at many central services and applications.

2.3.2 Web Interfaces

For convenient, world wide E-Mail access via internet browser all E-Mail systems offers so called WEB interfaces.

Informatics E-Mail WEB Interface


Mathematics E-Mail WEB Interface


TUM E-Mail WEB Interface



 2.4 Self-Administration of User Options / Profiles

The Tool "User Central" allows the users to set "out-of-office mails" for the department mail, restore deleted E-Mails, print documents online and reset the VDI password. Via TUMonline central options can be administered such as changing user profile information, administer TUM E-Mail adresses, changing passwords of the TUM account.

User Central for Informatics


User Central for Mathematics





2.5 WLAN / VPN

For wireless network access "eduroam" and "FMI WLAN" are available. To establish a secure connection to the Munich Scientific Network (MWN) over an unprotected network VPN technology can be used.

(Europe-wide roaming infrastruktur, available at all TUM buildings)


(available within Mathematics and Informatics building)


(Virtual Privat Network, secure network tunnel via an open, unprotected network)


Additional information about network access for private devices at FMI building can be found  here


2.6 Computer Hall

At the "computer hall" there are workplaces for students which can be used free of charge 7 days a week at the following opening hours:

about 100 workplaces
with virtual desktops (Windows7 and Xubuntu Linux 12.04)

Computer Hall
Room Number: 00.05.011
Opening Hours: Mo - So, 7:00 - 24:00


2.7 Storage

LRZ offers students central, secure and highly available online storage free of charge. The storrage can conveniently be used through direct integration into the user file system or via an Web interface.

40 GB individual storage


LRZ NAS access:


WEB access



2.8 Printing, Copying, Scanning

Printing, Copying, Scanning

Printing is possible at XEROX multipurpose printers located at Computer Hall (Room 00.07.023).


Students can buy  printing credits at "Fachschaft MPI" (Mathematic, Physics, Informatics) at room number 00.06.036. IN students automatically obtain an innitial printing credit of 500 pages at "richalle"


Copying via Student Card payment is possible at XEROX-printers at Computer Hall 00.07.023 and at Garching Hochbrück, Parkring 11, "Studierenden Arbeitsraum" 2.02.35. A short user guide for the payment functions (in German language) can be found here.


Scanning is free of charge at all printers within FMI building. A PDF-file will be sent via E-Mail. Alternatively, Xerox priters can also store the scan result at USB-sticks.


2.9 Software for Students

Students can use selected software products of the companies Microsoft and MathWorks free of charge. The terms of use and the software products itself can be found at the following download portals: 

Microsoft Products



MathWorks Products
(Matlab, Simulink  Toolboxen)



3. Service Desk

In case of questions or problems there are available central Help Desks from the service providers. Before contacting the Help Desk please have a look at the FAQ of the service provider. In many cases there are already available solutions for frequent problems and questions.



LRZ Servicedesk

First contact point for
central IT services and applications

Contact point for dedicated Department services of Mathematics and Informatics

LRZ services

FAQ:  http://portal.mytum.de/iuk/service/faq/index_html/document_view

FAQ:  https://wiki.in.tum.de/Informatik/Helpdesk/WelcomeEnglish







WEB-Form:  https://servicedesk.lrz.de/plainsubmit/?lang=en/




City Center, Karlstraße 45, Raum 5014

Garching, Boltzmannstr. 3, Raum 00.07.036

Garching, Boltzmannstr. 1, Raum I.E.042 (ground floor)