Two new books by Prof. Martin Bichler published


New contributions in the frame of "Market Design".

End of 2017 two new books on market design were published with Cambridge University Press. The "Handbook of Spectrum Auction Design" by Prof. Martin Bichler, I 18 Chair for Decision Sciences & Systems (DSS), and Prof. Jacob Goeree, University of New South Wales, Sydney, provides a collection of the most influential academic contributions to spectrum auction design. Such auctions raise billions of dollars in various countries every year and modern designs are heavily based on algorithms and combinatorial optimization. "Market Design: A Linear Programming Approach" by Prof. Martin Bichler is a textbook introducing theory and design principles relevant for the design of multi-object auction and matching markets. The topic has received significant attention after the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2012.

Handbook on Spectrum Auction Design

Market Design: A Linear Programming Approach