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Kolloq. Prof. Fedorowicz, topic: Patterns of Governance among Interorganizational Coordination Hubs

Friday, 17th of March 2017, 1:00 pm FMI 01.13.010 (MI-Building, Campus Garching)

We focus on the governance of inter-organizational coordination hubs (ICH). We do so to advance conceptual and empirical insights about ICH governance. We are motivated by the simple observation that, increasingly, organizations are engaging in shared activities, often relying on a purpose-built digital infrastructure to support collaboration among organizations. Here we use the conceptualization of network governance to guide our analysis of characteristics of governance that distinguish low and high performing ICH. To do this we use fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis (fsQCA) and data from 42 public safety networks (PSN) – a particular form of ICH. The analysis shows there exist five distinct configurations of PSN governance practices that allow for high performance. Common to all these configurations is competence in managing both stakeholders and the digital infrastructure. Building from the findings, we advance the role of specific competencies and network governance more broadly.

Jane Fedorowicz, the Chester B. Slade Professor of Accounting and Information Systems, holds a joint appointment in the Accountancy Department and in the Information and Process Management Department at Bentley University. Professor Fedorowicz earned MS and PhD degrees in Systems Sciences from Carnegie Mellon University. Her current research uses multiple methods to examine the use of social media by police departments and their communities. She has been principal investigator of a National Science Foundation project team studying design issues for police and government agency collaboration using public safety networks. She also served as principal investigator for the Bentley Invision Project, an international research team housed at Bentley examining interorganizational information sharing and the coordination infrastructures supporting these relationships in supply chain, government, and health care. She is Past President of the international academic professional society, the Association for Information Systems. The Association for Information Systems recognized her contributions to the Information Systems field by naming her an AIS Fellow. Professor Fedorowicz is widely published, and is a past recipient of the Bentley Scholar of the Year designation. In 2016, Bentley awarded her the Mee Family Prize, the University’s highest award recognizing a lifetime of scholarly achievement.

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