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Kolloq. Prof. Matook, topic: Social Governance in Agile ISD Teams

Wednesday, 30th of November 2016, 9:00 am FMI 01.13.010 (MI-Building, Campus Garching)

Governance in agile information systems development (ISD) is focused on how the ISD team’s decision-making processes ensure that development objectives are met. Formal IT governance mechanisms promote top-down control and accountability, which is in contradistinction to the agile ISD values of autonomy, collaborative relationships, and self-organization. Hence, an informal, and as such social, governance mode may serve an agile ISD team better in an effort to coordinate, adapt, and safeguard their development-related exchanges to deliver frequently working software in the face of frequently changing business needs. This study draws on social economics to develop a theory of social governance that recognizes that these development-related exchanges are embedded in a social context in which structural and relational properties of the team enable social mechanisms to unfold. Through an explorative multi-site case study set in Australia, we identify different social governance mechanisms that manifest in agile ISD teams and reveal how these informal means of governance impact on the coordination, adaptation, and safeguarding of a team’s development-related exchanges.  Findings show that, depending on the type of embeddedness (structural or relational), the social mechanisms may vary in their effectiveness to govern behaviors in agile ISD teams. Our research contribution is a theoretically based and empirically supported understanding of social IT governance in agile ISD projects. An understanding of the role of social mechanisms in agile ISD is essential for managers who strive to respond to changing business needs through being agile while at the same time meeting their obligation to the organization for effective governance.

Dr. Sabine Matook is an Associate Professor in Information Systems at the UQ Business School, University of Queensland. She received her doctoral degree from the Technische Universität (TU) Dresden, Germany.
Sabine Matook's research interests are in agile information systems development, human behaviour in online social networks, and the IT artifact.
She is an Associate Editor with the European Journal of Information Systems and was a track chair with ICIS 2015 (Managing IS Projects and IS Development).
She has held visiting positions at the University of Arizona (Eller College of Management), Georgia State University, University of Louisville,  Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Austria, and at the University of La Serena, Chile.  Dr Matook's work has appeared in the European Journal of Information Systems, the Journal of Strategic Information Systems, Information & Management, the International Journal of Operations & Production Management, Decision Support Systems, and the Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems. Dr. Matook has presented research papers at a variety of international conferences, including the International Conference on Information Systems.

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