MAPCO investigates the performance of OpenMP and MPI programs on available and future HPC multicore processors. In order to perform efficient design space exploration and performance evaluation, appropriate extensions to existing multicore simulation environments for shared and distributed address spaces are developed.

Optimization techniques are devised to improve the execution of OpenMP/MPI programs and programming tools that will automatically or semi-automatically optimize existing programs that are being developed.


MAPCO is a collaboration between the following chairs at the Technische Universität München in the scope of the Munich Centre of Advanced Computing.

Each chair focuses on its special area of interest within MAPCO which are described on the following subsites:

Related Projects

  • Periscope: This project, funded by the German Science Foundation, is currently developing an automatic performance analysis environment for high-end computing systems.

  • Hardware-Aware Computing and Simulation: IGSSE is a project on effective adaptation issues for applications from Science and Engineering to enable full exploitation of modern high-end systems.

  • Munich M-Core Initiative: Center for studying the usage of multicore processors in science and teaching in collaboration with industry.

  • AutoVision: Is a project funded by the German Science Foundation under the Special Research Program “Reconfigurable Computing”, it investigates hybrid, dynamic reconfigurable multi-core architectures for video-based driver assistance systems.

  • FlexPath: Is a project funded by the German Science Foundation, which investigates processing path sensitive multi-core architectures in high-speed IP packet processing.

  • CAR@TUM: Is an industry funded collaborative research program between BMW Forschung & Technik GmbH and TUM investigating a future proof CAR IT architecture. Our specific contribution is on network i/o virtualization for multi-core processors.