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Graduate Schools

TUM International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (IGSSE)

The Department of Informatics takes part in research projects at the International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (IGSSE) of the Technische Universität München (TUM), an institution which has been commended by the Excellence Initiative. This program is made for the education and promotion of excellent Ph.D students.

As of today, more than 100 Ph.D students work in the IGSSE in 30 interdisciplinary project teams. These teams are supervised by 90 TUM professors and postdocs. The interdisciplinary cooperation as well as different events helped to create a network that links graduate students together and attracts outstanding young scientists from all over the world.

IGSSE wants to link natural and engineering sciences at the graduates and postgraduate level. In order to do so, it grants financial support to interdisciplinary "Science & Engineering" research projects by awarding scholarships to Ph.D. students and by helping them finance their studies abroad or attend conferences. The accompanying curriculum pursues the same goal.

For more information, see  http://www.igsse.tum.de/

Center for Doctoral Studies in Informatics and its Applications (CeDoSIA)

The Center for Doctoral Studies in Informatics and its Applications (CeDoSIA) is the Informatics Faculty Graduate Center in the TUM Graduate School (TUM GS). To offer doctoral candidates additional benefits alongside their dissertation project CeDoSIA and the TUM GS pursue the following set of goals:

  • offer a wide range of additional studies in computer science related and interdisciplinary subjects
  • increase internationalization by financially supporting research periods abroad
  • encourage networking amongst doctoral candidates
  • help in structuring the dissertation project
  • give doctoral candidates a representative voice in university policy

For more information, see www.cedosia.gs.tum.de.

Graduate School of Information Science in Health (GSISH)

The Graduate School of Information Science in Health (GSISH) is the first to offer an interdisciplinary course for informatics and medicine on the highest scientific level. One of the major goals of all participating medical scientists, engineers and natural scientists is to use the graduate school to apply new fundamental knowledge to clinical practice as quickly as possible (translational research). The graduate school is composed of four tightly intertwined fields of research:

  • bioinformatics/systems biology
  • biomedical engineering
  • health informatics/e-health
  • public health/life sciences

Both the Informatics and the Medicine Departments of Technische Universität München (represented by Prof. A. Knoll, Prof. K. Kuhn, Prof. M. Schwaiger) coordinate the GSISH; Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich, the German Research Center for Environmental Health in Munich, the Max-Planck Society, the university hospital rechts der Isar in Munich, the German Heart Center Munich, as well as other, independent research laboratories.

For more information, see  http://gsish.tum.edu/



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