In this paper, the authors Andreas Grafberger, Mohak Chadha, Anshul Jindal, Jianfeng Gu, and Michael Gerndt present FedLess a framework for serverless Federated Learning. [mehr]

In this paper, we present a software system called Courier that is responsible for optimally distributing the invocations of the functions within the heterogeneous FaaS deployments [mehr]

The article investigates the various aspects related to the efficient handling (e.g., processing, encoding, compression) of large sensor data. [mehr]


In this paper, the authors Michael Kiener, Mohak Chadha, and Michael Gerndt analyse the effect of parallelising serverless workloads wrt performance and cost on popular commercial FaaS and CaaS platforms. ... [mehr]

Prof. Martin Schulz, Amir, Raoofy und Carsten Trinitis auf der Tutzinger Sommerakademie II: Perspektiven auf eine technologische Welt im Wandel an der Akademie für politische Bildung. [mehr]

Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) provides an attractive cloud model in which the user implements fine-grained functions connected in an event-driven application and deploys them into a FaaS platform. The FaaS... [mehr]

In the paper, "Stephan Patrick Baller, Anshul Jindal, Mohak Chadha, and Michael Gerndt" present and compare the performance in terms of inference time and power consumption of the four SoCs: Asus Tinker Edge R,... [mehr]

The MPI Forum has released version 4.0 of MPI on June 9, 2021. [mehr]