Titel: Footprint-Aware Power Capping for Hybrid Memory Based Systems. Authors: Eishi Arima, Toshihiro Hanawa, Carsten Trinitis, Martin Schulz. Conference: ISC High Performance, Frankfurt, Germany, June 2020. ... [mehr]

Date: 28.1.2020 Speaker: Dr. Martin Schreiber, Technical University of Munich Time integration of PDEs to simulate the atmosphere is a non-trivial task once considering wallclock time as well as accuracy... [mehr]

The authors Francois P. Hamon, Martin Schreiber, Michael L. Minion discuss in their paper solutions of test cases to solve prototypical climate/weather simulations with the PFASST parallel-in-time method. Those... [mehr]

On Next-Generation Time Stepping Methods for Weather and Climate Simulations [mehr]

As we near exascale, resilience remains a major technical hurdle. Any technique with the goal of achieving resilience suffers from having to be reactive, as failures can appear at any time. A wide body of... [mehr]