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Das LRZ (unter Mitarbeit von CAPS) startet neue Aktivitäten im Bereich Quantum-Computing, über die in der SZ berichtet wird. Link: ... [mehr]

This paper introduces and evaluates virtio-mem, a VIRTIO-based paravirtualized memory device, designed for fine-grained, NUMA-aware memory hot(un)plug in cloud environments. [mehr]

CAPS master’s student Yi Ju will present the results of her research and thesis in a talk at GTC 2021 titled High-Performance Mining of Multidimensional Time Series with Multiple GPUs and at Reduced Precision. ... [mehr]

Accepted Paper at HiPC 2020, on Dynamic Resource-Management and Adaptive Batch Scheduling for HPC Systems, by Mohak Chadha et al. [mehr]

Paper "Towards Federated Learning using Function-as-a-Service Fabric" accepted at WoSC6@Middleware 2020 in Delft, Netherlands- Authors are Mohak Chadha, Anshul Jindal, and Michael Gerndt. [mehr]