Bengisu Elis presented her paper on "QMPI: A Next Generation MPI Profiling Interface for Modern HPC Platforms" at EuroMPI 2019 in Zürich, Switzerland

QMPI: A Next Generation MPI Profiling Interface for Modern HPC Platforms

Authors: Bengisu Elis, Dai Yang, Martin Schulz

As we approach exascale and start planning for beyond, the rising complexity of systems and applications demands new monitoring, analysis, and optimization approaches. This requires close coordination with the parallel programming system used, which for HPC in most cases includes MPI, the Message Passing Interface. While MPI provides comprehensive tool support in the form of the MPI Profiling interface, PMPI, which has inspired a generation of tools, it is not sufficient for the new arising challenges. In particular, it does not support modern software design principles nor the composition of multiple monitoring solutions from multiple agents or sources. We approach these gaps and present QMPI, as a possible successor to PMPI. In this paper, we present the use cases and requirements that drive its development, offer a prototype design and implementation, and demonstrate its effectiveness and low overhead.