Prof. Dr. Martin Schulz gave an invited presentation on "MPI 4.0 is Coming! What’s Next?" at at EuroMPI 2019 in Zürich, Switzerland

The MPI forum is currently in the final push towards an MPI 4.0 standard. In this talk I will highlight some of the new features in MPI 4.0 or that are proposed for it, which includes persistent collectives, local MPI initialization via MPI Sessions, an event based tools interface and more support for cleanly handling faults. I will discuss how this impacts users and how new codes and new applications areas can benefit from it. However, MPI 4.0 will likely not be the final version of the MPI Standard, as the MPI forum continues to evolve the standard - already now, several new ideas and concepts have been proposed to further the MPI Standard beyond 4.0 with a clear view on the Post-Exascale world as well as new communities currently not supported. The success of this activity, however, requires a strong participation by vendors, developers and users in the MPI forum and I invite all those interested to join us in the MPI forum through working groups or at the physical MPI forum meetings.


Slides available: