M.Sc. Michael Kern

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Technische Universität München

Informatik 15 - Lehrstuhl für Grafik und Visualisierung (Prof. Westermann)


Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching b. München


Informatik 15 - Lehrstuhl für Grafik und Visualisierung (Prof. Westermann)

Boltzmannstr. 3(5613)/II
85748 Garching b. München

I am a PhD candidate working at the visualization and computer graphics group of Rüdiger Westermann. My main research topic is scientific visualization of meteorological data, in particular, detecting 3-dimensional extremal features in scalar / vector fields and quantifying the uncertainty in ensemble data.

I am in charge of the seminar "How to make a PIXAR movie" and design exercises for the practical course "Game Engine Design".


Clustering Ensembles of 3D Jet-Stream Core Lines
Michael Kern and Rüdiger Westermann
to appear in Proceedings of Vision, Modeling, and Visualization 2019 

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Interactive 3D Visual Analysis of Atmospheric Fronts
Michael Kern, Tim Hewson, Andreas Schäfler, Rüdiger Westermann and Marc Rautenhaus
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (IEEE VIS 2018)

[doi] [Bibtex]

Robust Detection and Visualization of Jet-stream Core Lines in Atmospheric Flow
Michael Kern, Tim Hewson, Andreas Schäfler, Rüdiger Westermann and Marc Rautenhaus
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (IEEE VIS 2017)

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Interactive Visual Exploration and Refinement of Cluster Assignments
Michael Kern, Alexander Lex, Nils Gehlenborg, and Chris R. Johnson
BMC Bioinformatics

[doi] [Bibtex]

Three-dimensional visualization of ensemble weather forecasts - Part 1: The visualization tool Met.3D (version 1.0)

Marc Rautenhaus, Michael Kern, Andreas Schäfler, and Rüdiger Westermann 
Geoscientific Model Development, 8, 2329 -2353, 2015

[doi] [Bibtex]

Anonymity: A Formalization of Privacy - l-Diversity
Michael Kern, Ralph Holz
Proceeding zum Seminar Future Internet (FI), Innovative Internet Technologien und Mobilkommunikation (IITM) und Autonomous Communication Networks (ACN) (Vol. 49), 2013

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Winter Term 2019 / 2020 - Seminar: Data Visualization

Summer Term 2019 - Seminar: How to make a PIXAR movie

Winter Term 2018 / 2019 - Seminar: How to make A PIXAR movie

Summer Term 2018 - Seminar: How to make A PIXAR movie

Winter Term 2017/2018 - Seminar: How to make A PIXAR movie

Potential Thesis Topics

For students who are looking for a thesis topic or work as a research assistant (RA), do not hesitate to ask me.

Here is a list of thesis topics:

  • Global Illumination
    • Volume photon mapping (rendering of participating medium like clouds)
    • (Time-coherent) ray tracing
    • Interface with Direct3D 12 or Vulkan on RTX hardware
  • Visualization of Shape Ensembles (Bachelor / Master / RA)
    • Quantification of uncertainty in ensembles of features with arbitrary shape (lines, meshes)
    • Clustering of arbitrary geometry
    • Generation of best feature estimates
  • Supersampling of scientific data with Neural Networks (Master)
    • Low resolution vector fields upsampled to high resolution on (unstructured / structured) grids
  • Feature Detection with Neural Networks (RA / Master)
    • Acquisition of manually / automatically created charts from weather centers (requires pre-processing)
    • Detection of features with Deep Learning
  • Cloud Detection, Tracking, Rendering (Bachelor, Master, RA)
    • Detection / classification of different types of clouds
    • Tracking of cloud motion over time
    • Approximation of realistic light scattering effects in clouds.
  • Virtual Globe Visualization (Master)

Supervised Thesis

TopicStudentType of Thesis
Super-Resolution of Weather Simulation with Deep Learning (currently supervising)Razieh RezaeiMaster
View-dependent Texture Mipmapping in Terrain Heightfields (currently supervising)Albert ZachaBachelor
Shadowing for Scientific Visualization of Weather Prediction DataJeremias NethBachelor
Real-Time Raytracing on NVIDIA RTX graphics cards with VulkanTorben MaackBachelor
Opacity-based Rendering of Large Trajectory Datasets with Pixel SynchronizationChristoph NeuhauserBachelor
3D Visualization of Surface Topography in MeteorologyErik KynastBachelor
The Value of Map Projections in MeteorologyAnnalena BlochBachelor
Visualization of Simulated Air Currents for Weather Forecasting and Meteorological Research Philipp KaiserMaster
Opacity-Based Rendering of Lagrangian Particle Trajectories in Met.3D (partly supervised)Max BandleBachelor