Deep Learning and Numerical Simulations for Visual Effects (IN 2298)

Prof. Dr. Nils ThuereyMarie-Lena Eckert

Time, Place:Wednesday, 16:00, HS2
Thursday, 10:00, HS2
BeginThu., Apr. 27.,2017
PrerequisitesComputer Graphics and Game Physics highly recommended
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This course targets machine learning techniques and numerical simulation
algorithms for materials such as fluids and deformable objects in the context
of computer animation. Recent examples from Prof. Thuerey's group include:

The lecture and exercises will all be in English. The following topics are discussed:

  • Convolutional neural networks & deep learning techniques
  • Physically-based animation, fluid modeling
  • Discretizations, and partial differential equations
  • Exercises to gain hands-on experience with CNN training and fluid simulation algorithms


Computer Gaphics Fundamentals, and Game Physics (Lagrangian simulation techniques)


Machine Learning

Fluid Simulation

General Background

  • Introduction to Linear Algebra: Gilbert Strang, Wellesley-Cambridge Press
  • Computer Animation: Algorithms and Techniques, Parent, Morgan Kaufmann

Lecture Slides

Will be made available on the moodle page.