Praktikum: Deep Learning in Visual Computing

Prof. Matthias Niessner

Studies Master Informatics
Time, Place Thursdays, 08:00-10:00, Seminar room: MI  02.13.010 
Begin Thursday April 23., 2020


Equivalent to Guided Research in the Visual Computing Lab. Focus on cutting-edge research topics with a focus on academic careers; e.g., targeting AI/ML and/or vision venues; often preparation for research-focused Master theses.

Topics include: AI-based video/image generation, neural rendering, media forensics/forgery detection, 3D reconstruction, RGB-D scanning, semantic scene understanding, deep learning on geometry/3d data, AI-based view synthesis, lighting/material estimation.

Please send applications (CV + Transcripts) to


Requirements: Introduction to Deep Learning (good grade!); proficient in programming languages C/C++/Python; experience with Deep Learning frameworks (TensorFlow/PyTorch).