Available Topics

The following is just a small excerpt from a variety of topics related to realtime rendering, scientific visualization, visual effects, visual computing, and 3D printing. Please come and talk to us about your interests and how we can come together.  You can bring your own ideas or we will find a suitable topic for you. Please also check the postings in the showcase outside the chairs aisle.  

SEP/Bachelor thesis

Fascinating research topics in visual computing, including DeepLearning, 3D Scene Reconstruction, Numerical Optimization, Face/Body Tracking (see below).


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Several topics (covering a range of computer graphics and visualization issues from 3D realtime rendering to volume visualization, including stochastic sampling, deep learning,  uncertainty visualization, advanced shader programming) are available.


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Master thesis
Semantic Understanding of 3D Scenes with Deep Learningniessner(at)tum.demore info
Robust 3D Reconstructions with Commodity RGB-D Sensorsniessner(at)tum.demore info
Face Tracking and Facial Reenactmentniessner(at)tum.demore info
A Language for Non-Linear Least Squares Optimization in Graphics and Visionniessner(at)tum.demore info
Crowd Sourcing Large-scale 3D Dataset Annotations for Deep Learningniessner(at)tum.demore info
Interactive 3D Visualization of High-Resolution Numerical Weather Forecastsmarc.rautenhaus(at)tum.demore info
Several topics (covering a range of computer graphics and visualization issues from 3D rendering to uncertainty visualization) are available in the field of visualizing meteorological data in the context of the DFG collaborative research centre "Waves to Weather"  marc.rautenhaus(at)tum.demore info

Several topics on the uncertainty visualization of ensemble of shapes, global illumination with ray tracing, supersampling of vector fields or feature detection with deep learning, virtual globe rendering of unstructured grids, or cloud detection and tracking

michi.kern(at)tum.demore info