Title Presentation

SEP/Bachelor thesis

3D Pong available
Building a general geometry loader for a collection of common CG models  
Building a learning unit for radiosity available
Caustics using Shader 3.0  
Collision detection in large particle systems available
Digital model of the FMI building with detail data available
Efficient hardware-accelerated rendering for genome visualization available
Entwicklung und Evaluierung eines GPU-basierten Bildmanipulationssystems available
Evaluation and implementation of methods for real-time volume deformation  
Evaluation of LOD-Techniques for GPU-based height field rendering available
Extending a 2D pool billiard simulation towards its use in VR-environments  
Fast Voxel-Based Hydraulic Erosion available
GPU Particle Collision with Arbitrary Surfaces  
GPU Particle Engine available
GPU-friendly Texture and Mesh Compression available
Generation of Huge Points Clouds available
Gigapixel viewer  
Halbautomatische Häuserrekonstruktion aus Höhendaten  
Image-based editing available
Implementation of image-based rendering using state-of-the-art graphics hardware available
Implementierung eines GPU Raycasters für unstrukturierte Gitter  
Implementing a GPU Cloth Simulation Demo available
Integration von volumetrischen Daten in eine bestehende Terrain-Engine  
Multimodal Volume Rendering  
Multiresolution Deformable Objects: Model Generation, Collision Detection and Advanced Rendering Techniques available
PDA Graphics Client/Server Framework available
Pflanzenrendering mit pre-computed Radiance Transfer (PRT)  
Post-processing effects  
Real-Time Shape Editing using CSG available
Realistic simulation of rivers available
Realistische Beleuchtungssimulation für Architekturmodelle mittels Photon-Maps available 
Realtime simulation of overcast sky available
Rendering Trees in Terrain  
Searching and evaluating online demos for the CG and Vis lectures  
Simulation of snow- and rainfall available
Skeleton-driven Deformations  
Sparse voxel octree renderer  
Sun in the City available
The Bunny Game  
Virtual-FMI in realtime available
Visualization algorithms for whole bacterial genomes available
Visualizing the Visible Human available
Voxelization of Large Point Scans available

Master/Diploma thesis

3D City Model Viewer  
3D fluid simulation on GPUs  
An Interactive Fractal Landscape Generator using OpenGL  
Comparison of self-calibration algorithms for moving cameras  available
Controllable 2,5D Flow for Computer Games and virtual Environments  
Coupling of Fluids and Deformable Bodies  
Entwicklung eines Geometrie-Editors für Landschaftsdaten  
Hierarchical representation and rendering of large point sets  
Interactive Cutting of Deformable Bodies  
Interactive Simulation and Visualization of Volumetric Deformable Objects available
Interactive display of time-dependent scalar volume data on PC hardware available
Model-based, computer-aided analysis of data provided by the DPIV-method available
PDA.3D available
Parallel Compression and Rendering with the Duodecim Framework  
Parallel Terrain Visualization available
Physics Based Simulation on GPUs available
Procedural Modelling and Rendering Of Cities  
Real-time cutting with extended finite elements  
Realization of efficient mass-spring simulations on graphics hardware available
Realtime Simulation of Plasticity and non-linear Materials  
Simulation of water surfaces available
Skin Shading  
Sound effects in computer graphics applications  
Sun in the City  


Multigrid methods for optical flow computation