Raphael Hetzel, M.Sc.

E-Mail: hetzel at in dot tum dot de

Office: FMI 01.05.042


Open Thesis Topics

BT/MT Topic: Actor-based (Video-)Stream Processing


  • Employ the actor model to develop a flexible video processing pipeline
  • Implement a prototype using our actor system (C++, Lua) 
  • (Compare it to an implementation in Elixir/Erlang or Akka (Java/Scala/Kotlin))
  • Setup a testbed for the developed system and similar systems
  • Use this testbed to perform quantitative measurements of the system's performance


Relevant programming experience, experience with Linux and Docker.

When applying for this topic, please include a description of your relevant experience, your transcript,
and a short description of the actor model and how it could be used for stream processing.