Oberseminar / Research Seminar

Seminar presentations about ongoing and completed Bachelor/Master theses, guided research topics, and IDPs. The seminar is open to students who are writing a corresponding thesis at our group.

Time: Monday, 12:30pm - 2:00pm

Location: MI 02.11.018

Changes are listed in red.


Date Agenda
29.07.2019 Angela Josifovska: Deep Generative Models for Graphs
Stephan Rabanser: Failing Loudly: An Empirical Study of Methods for Detecting Dataset Shift


Janek Groß: Prediction of Molecular Properties using Rotationally Equivariant Neural Message Passing

09.09.2019 Virendra Kumar Pathak: Domain-specific Multilingual Word Embeddings for Text Classification

Lisa Buchner: Embedding Approaches for Temporal Graphs

Stefan Weißenberger: Exploring Generalized Diffusion for Learning on Graphs

21.10.2019 Yihan Wu: Deep Generative Models on Graphs
28.10.2019 Akshay Tumkur Renukaprasad: Graph Convolutional Attention Network for Goal-Oriented Graph Generation with Dynamic Constraints
11.11.2019 Andreas Stephan: Comparison of Graph Embeddings for Entity Alignment of Graph and Tabular Data

Sascha Geringer: Learning Soft Hierarchies from Graphs

Nick Harmening: Deep Representation Learning and Clustering of Traffic Scenarios


Zhen Han: Graph Hawkes Network for Reasoning on Temporal Knowledge Graphs

Lisa Buchner: Embedding Approaches for Temporal Graphs

Maryna Nemyrovska: Physical-World Adversarial Examples using Generative Models


Angela Josifovska: From Node Embeddings to Graph Generation

20.01.2020 Janek Groß: Prediction of Molecular Properties Using Directional Neural Message Passing



Please follow the time limits when giving your presentations. The presentation times do not include the discussion time.


Presentation type Time limit (minutes)
Interim presentation 15
Guided research / IDP 20
Bachelor's thesis 20
Master's thesis 25