We are pleased to announce that the research paper of our team, “Time Series Mining at Petascale Performance”, is the winner of the Hans Meuer Award in ISC 2020 Digital. [more]

CAPS is co-organizing the 4th Intl. Workshop on the HPC PowerStack, a bi-annual meeting to discuss developments that will lead to an interoperable, extendable software stack for energy efficient HPC systems. ... [more]

Dr. Martin Schreiber has been invited to give a talk in ECMWF's Annual Seminar 2020 which is on recent advances in numerical methods for atmospheric and oceanic models used in modern weather prediction systems. ... [more]

The IEEE Cluster Conference serves as a major international forum for presenting and sharing recent accomplishments and technological developments in the field of cluster computing as well as the use of cluster... [more]

Exploring high bandwidth memory for PET Image Reconstruction Authors: Dai Yang, Tilman Küstner, Rami Al-Rihawi, Martin Schulz Memory bandwidth plays an important role in high performance computing. Its impact... [more]

The MPI forum is currently in the final push towards an MPI 4.0 standard. In this talk I will highlight some of the new features in MPI 4.0 or that are proposed for it, which includes persistent collectives,... [more]

QMPI: A Next Generation MPI Profiling Interface for Modern HPC Platforms Authors: Bengisu Elis, Dai Yang, Martin Schulz As we approach exascale and start planning for beyond, the rising complexity of systems... [more]


In the poster "MPI Tools the Easy Way" Martin Ruefenacht, Bengisu Elis, Anthony Skjellum, Martin Schulz, Olga Pearce, Kathryn Mohror present a method and some initial ideas to bring Python into use for MPI tool... [more]

Hacking Corona

We are searching for talented students with excellent skills in Python, parallel programming and numerics to support studying the spread of the diseases like Corona based on mobile phone data. Your tasks would... [more]

Paper on "Enabling Online and Holistic Operational Data Analytics on HPC Systems through the Wintermute Framework" accepted at HPDC 2020 in Copenhagen, DK - Authors are A. Netti, M. Müller, C. Guillen, M. Ott,... [more]

by Dr. Martin Schreiber, "Simulation großer Systeme" Seminar at the University of Stuttgart [more]

Title: Time Series Mining AT Petascale Performance. Amir Raoofy, Roman Karlstetter, Dai Yang Carsten Trinitis, Martin Schulz Conference: ISC High Performance, Fankfurt, Germany, June 2020. The mining of... [more]