Practical Courses and Seminar Courses

This information only applies to courses with the numbers IN0012, IN0014, IN2106, IN2107, IN2128, IN2129, IN2131. Not for any other courses even though announced as "seminar" course or "practical course".

The registration for practical courses and seminar courses is not possible via TUMonline, but only through participating in the matching system. All necessary information can be found on

The matching of seminar and practicum places for the summer term 2021 is completed.

You can find a list of the remaining places if you change the language of the website to German. If you are interested in one of the remaining places, please contact all indicated supervisors of the respective course directly.

Only if you cannot find a place in this way and urgently need a place in a seminar or practical course in the up-coming summer semester as part of your degree, please contact Prof. Brüggemann-Klein ( between 15th and 19th March 2021 by email with the subject "Seminar/ practical course place required". Please describe your situation and enclose the emails to the persons responsible for the courses and the answers you received. Please understand that we can only consider your request if you have made a serious effort to find a place in advance and if the desired course is part of a required module in your study plan.

How to find seminar courses and practical courses

Log in to TUMonline and search for courses. You have to choose "search range": title, "academic year": 201x/2x and "semester": winter or summer. Then you enter the IN-Module Number of the course as the search term.

The module numbers are:

  • IN0014 Seminar course for Bachelor students
  • IN2107 Seminar course for Master students
  • IN0012 Practical course for Bachelor students
  • IN2106 Practical course for Master students

Example: search for seminar courses for Bachelor students

Code of Conduct

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