Study rooms

Due to the current situation the study rooms of TUM Informatics remain closed until further notice.

Exception: The library offers 10 students the possibility to reserve a workstation online, for this purpose the study rooms are used.

During the exam period, it can be quite hard to find rooms to study in the FMI-Building. In addition to the study rooms of the library, there are other locations available, that have be closed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Garching-Hochbrück offers additional study rooms. For the administration of these study rooms, the AStA started a pilot project called "Intelligentes Lernraum-Management". You can check the current availability of the rooms online. Students can indicate their usage via tablets located in these study rooms. In the future, several rooms in the FMI-Building will also be fitted with tablets to expand the project.

Ground Floor - Main Hallway

Number of SeatsOpening HoursNote
Computer Lab (00.05.011 and 00.07.023) 135Mo – Fr8.00 – 22.00
00.08.057 Internet Café 18Mo – Su00.00 – 24.00
00.07.037 Computer Pool 16Mo – Su00.00 – 24.00Only during semester break
00.08.036 Tutor Room 24Mo – Su00.00 – 24.00Only during semester break
00.08.038 Multimedia Room 55Mo – Su00.00 – 24.00Only during semester break
00.08.053 Tutor Room 22Mo – Su00.00 – 24.00Only during semester break
00.08.055 Tutor Room 16Mo – Su00.00 – 24.00Only during semester break
00.08.059 Tutor Room 24Mo – Su00.00 – 24.00Only during semester break
00.13.009a Multimedia Room 70Mo – Su00.00 – 24.00Only during semester break

Math & Informatics Library

Number of SeatsOpening Hours
Basic Chair123

Opening Hours of the Math & Informatics Library

Reservation can be made at the circulation desk

Group Work Room 1 10
Group Work Room 2 6
Group Work Room 3 3
Group Work Room 4 2
Group Work Room 5 12

First Floor: Student Faculty Rooms above the Library

  Number of Seats Opening Hours  
Individual Work Rooms 12 Mo – Su 00.00 – 24.00
01.03.010 3
01.03.032 12
01.03.036 9



Number of SeatsOpening HoursNote
0.01.04 - Seminar Room 50Mo – Su8.00 – 18.00Only during semester break
0.01.05 - Seminar Room 35Mo – Su8.00 – 18.00Only during semester break
7 Group Work/Study Rooms 42Hours same as Building Hours
Quantum - Student Lounge Ca. 35Mo – Su8.00 – 18.00

Usage and Reservation

Lab Rooms

Number of SeatsOpening Hours
03.11.03416Mo – Su00.00 – 24.00

Glass Rooms

Number of SeatsOpening Hours
01.07.011B6-8Mo – Su00.00 – 24.00
01.08.022b6-8Mo – Su00.00 – 24.00
01.10.022b6-8Mo – Su00.00 – 24.00
01.12.020b6-8Mo – Su00.00 – 24.00
02.05.011b6-8Mo – Su00.00 – 24.00
02.09.011b6-8Mo – Su00.00 – 24.00
02.13.009B6-8Mo – Su00.00 – 24.00
03.05.011b6-8Mo – Su00.00 – 24.00
03.12.020b6-8Mo – Su00.00 – 24.00

The glass rooms are managed by their corresponding departments/chairs. If a chair requires the use of its room, then that room is not available for studying.

Please pay attention to the notices posted on the doors of the glass rooms. Glass rooms that are locked and not listed here, may still be available for use by asking the secretary of the corresponding chair.

We will do our best to keep the list of study room up-to-date.

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