Talk TUM[i:] Language Café

Different languages will be offered by native speakers at various language tables. The group size per table should be around 4-8 people. The café will take place for two and a half hours each week.
There are no preconditions for participation, but the concept is not adapted to absolute beginners with very little language skills (i.e. students who have just started an A1.1 course!)

Weekly, students meet at the tables in the Magistrale for up to 16 languages. During the last semesters there were tables for Chinese, Czech, Danish, English, Esperanto, Farsi, Finnish, French, German as a Foreign Language, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Vietnamnese.

Are there any more this semester? Be curious and step by!

Winter Semester 2017/18: When, where and how?

The TalkTUM[i:] Language Café takes place in winter semester 2017/18 during the lecture period every Wednesday from 15:00-17:30h at the Magistrale (starting with 18th October 2017). With a cup of coffee or tea all students interested in languages meet at the tables around the big tree at the end of the Magistrale in front of finger 09. Indicate your participation and interest in our facebook group TalkTUMi Language Café. Then everybody knows which language tables are offered. 

Step by and join us, even if it's just for an hour! Especially during the first weeks further new language tables will be opened. We are happy to help you and set you in contact with native speakers and learners respectively.

New: Here you can add the TalkTUM[i:] Language Café to your TUMonline study schedule!

You want to "offer" your language?

We are looking for students interested in offering their language and helping others to practice and improve their language skills. It is important that:

  • The offered language is your mother tongue or you speak it fluently (min. C1 level).
  • You can chair the language table, i.e. you welcome the learners, get the discussion started and keep it lively if necessary (e.g. by introducing new topics). If needed assist in terms of grammer and vocabulary and give feedback and answer questions regarding language and culture.
  • You can be a moderator for only one time or participate regularly.

Interested students should write an e-mail to 
Please indicate your name and study program, the language you want to offer and the specific day you will be present.

Talk Languages in a relaxed atmosphere

With the ongoing internationalization of universities, we experience a growing interest in other countries, cultures and languages. The TUM with approx. 6000 international students bears great potential to experience this world at one place.

In the TalkTUM[i:] Language Café we would like to bring together domestic and international students to experience other cultures, meet new people and strengthen their language skills in a relaxed and informal way.

Next to the well established Language Café on the Main Campus, the start of the Language Café on Garching Campus in winter semester 2014/15 was very successful with up to 12 different language tables, organised by the Departments of Informatics and Physics, together with TUMi.