Patrick Lederer

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Short Bio

I am a PhD student in the group of Prof. Brandt since February 2020. Before that, I studied Informatics at TUM, where I received my Bachelor's degree in 2018 and my Master's degree in 2020. My research focuses on decision making in groups, in particular on how to avoid manipulability in elections. 

Working Papers

F. Brandt, P. Lederer, and R. Romen. Relaxed notions of Condorcet-consistency and efficiency for strategyproof social decision schemes. 2021. Working paper. [ pdf ]

F. Brandt, P. Lederer, and S. Tausch. Strategyproof social decision schemes on super Condorcet domains. 2021. Working paper. [ pdf ]

F. Brandt and P. Lederer. Characterizing the top cycle via strategyproofness. 2021. Working paper. [ pdf ]

F. Brandt, M. Bullinger, and P. Lederer. On the indecisiveness of Kelly-strategyproof social choice functions. 2021. Working paper. [ pdf ]

Conference Papers



  • Computational Social Choice (WS 2021/2022)
  • Seminar on Markets, Algorithms, Incentives, and Networks (WS 2020/21)
  • Economics and Computation (SS 2020, SS 2021)

Student Projects

  • Master's thesis  Understanding the SD impossibiliy theorem (Alexander Thole, 2021)
  • Master's thesis  Characterizing the Condorcet Rule (Sascha Tausch, 2021)
  • Master's thesis  Non-manipulable Social Desicision Schemes (Rene Romen, 2020)

Contact me if you are interested in a bachelor thesis/ master thesis in computational social choice!

Community Service

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Refereeing Journals

  • Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR)