Martin has contributed to different areas in computer science, operations research, and information systems. In particular he is interested in market design and optimization, econometrics, and data analysis. Martin has published in journals such as Nature (Machine Intelligence), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), Operations Research, Management Science, INFORMS ISR, Production and Operations Management (POM), Games and Economic Behavior, ACM TEAC, IEEE TCC, IEEE TSC, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Energy Economics, Experimental Economics, EJOR, Transportation Research: Part B, Naval Research Logistics, Economics Letters, OR Letters, Telecom Policy, IEEE Computer, CACM, Computer Networks, Distributed and Parallel Databases, and SIGMOD Records and is on the editorial board of a number or journals. In recent research Martin's group developed  

  • a bilevel programming method to compute core-stable outcomes on exchanges where buyers have budget constraints.

  • a method to learn Bayes Nash equilibria in auction games based on Neural Networks and Monte Carlo sampling. 

  • a game-theoretical model showing that auctions might not exhibit efficient equilibria if we assume principal-agent relationships within bidding firms.

  • strategies to game the combinatorial clock auction, which is widely used in spectrum sales by regulators.

  • randomized approximation mechanisms which are truthful in expectation and applications in logictics.

  • integer programming techniques for very high-dimensional bin-packing problems (as in cloud computing).

  • algorithms to compute prices on non-convex markets (relevant to energy-markets, procurement, or environmental markets).

Recent Press Coverage

  • TUM press release on our equlibrium learning method published in Nature Machine Intelligence (September 10, 2021). See also an article on techexplore .
  • Commentary on the sale of airport time slots together with Cramton, Gritzmann, and Ockenfels in the FAZ (December 20, 2020) and in VoxEU (January 15, 2021).
  • Commentary on the German spectrum auction in 2019 in Wirtschaftswoche (April 18, 2019). 

Recent Books

Research Transfer

He has been involved in the development of several software packages, which have been or are being used in industry practice. He has also been a consultant to policy makers and industry in different areas in the recent years:

  • Policy advice on electricity market design in the context of the Kopernikus projects

  • Game-theoretical consulting on spectrum auctions for bidders and regulators in almost a dozen auctions in countries such as Australia, Austria, Canada, the Czech Republic, and Germany. Professor Bichler's policy advice and academic work have influenced decisions by the Australian regulator, the Canadian regulator, and the US Federal Communications Commission. He was co-editing the Handbook of Spectrum Auction Design with Cambridge University Press. Several publications were cited in the scientific background to the Nobel Prize 2021 to Milgrom and Wilson.  

  • Design of environmental markets: Implementation of a large scale combinatorial exchange for the trading of catch shares in Australia in 2017 (see article in PNAS). The project won the EURO Excellence in Practice Award 2018 and the ISS Design Science Award.

  • Design of procurement auctions with industry partners such for direct and indirect materials. One of his projects won the Siemens SCM Olympics. A spin-off was providing services to procurement organizations for 10 years before it was sold.

  • Development of (patented) algorithms and tools for server consolidation and resource allocation in virtualized data centers with a European IT service provider. Implementation of control algorithms for virtualized data centers of a multi-national Asian IT service provider. 

  • Earlier contributions to open-source software projects such as the Prova rule engine or the Permoto performance modeling tool.

Recent Community Service

  • AREA CHAIR, ACM Economics and Computation, Boulder, Colorado, USA, 2022.
  • WORKSHOP COCHAIR, INFORMS Market Design Workshop, Budapest, Hungary, 2021.
  • CLUSTER CHAIR, INFORMS Annual Meeting, Washington DC, USA, 2020, 2021.
  • ASSOCIATE EDITOR, International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), India, 2020.
  • SENIOR PROGRAM COMMITTEE MEMBER, ACM Conference on Economics and Computation, Phoenix, USA, 2019.
  • CO-CHAIR, Workshop on Information Technology and Systems, Munich, 2019.
  • CO-CHAIR, Doctoral Consortium, International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Munich, Germany, 2019.
  • PC MEMBER, ACM Conference on Economics and Computation, Ithaca, NY, 2018.
  • FACULTY MENTOR, Doctoral Consortium, International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), San Francisclo, USA, 2018.
  • TRACK CHAIR, International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Seoul, Korea, 2017.
  • SENIOR PROGRAM COMMITTEE MEMBER, ACM Conference on Economics and Computation, Netherlands, 2016.
  • STREAM CHAIR,  International Conference on Operations Research, Aachen, Germany, 2014.
  • TRACK CHAIR, International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Milan, Italy, 2013.
  • FACULTY MENTOR, Doctoral Consortium, International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Milan, Italy, 2013.
  • PROGRAM COMMITTEE CHAIR, International Conference on Electronic Commerce (ICEC), Singapore, 2012.
  • CLUSTER CHAIR, for the Auction Cluster of the INFORMS Annual Meeting, Charlotte, NC, USA, 2011.