Restricted visit of the Advising Team

We expressly ask you to refrain from visiting the Advisors in person until further notice due to the coronavirus. Instead of the regular open consultation hours we offer telephone consultation hours. You will find a link to the availabilities at the respective contact person.

Advising for Prospective Students

The student advisors from the Department of Informatics inform and advise prospective students at the interface of school and university and the trasition between Bachelor's and Master's programs.

Application and International Student Advising

Lena Krone

International Student Advisor / Admissions and Applications

office: 00.09.037
phone: +49 89-289-17867
consultation hours

⇒for prospective students Bachelor's/Master's programs: 

•    What formal requirements do I need to fullfill?
•    When do I have to apply?
•    What exactly is the admissions process?

⇒for international students:

•    How do I plan my stay?
•    What language certificate do I need to have?
•    How do I finance my studies?
•    I went to school abroad. Is my certificate recognized?

Academic Advising

Vivija Simić

Head of Academic Advising

office:  01.08.039
phone: +49 89-289-17296
consultation hours

Dr. Sandra Kemler

Academic Advising /
Deputy Head of Academic Programs Office

office: 00.07.035
phone: +49 89 289-18586  
consultation hours

Sibylle Roden-Kinghorst

Academic Student Advising, Departemental contact for chronically ill and disabled students

office:  00.09.034
phone: +49 89-289-17284
consultation hours

⇒for prospective students Bachelor's programs:

  • What is the difference between the study programs in the department?
  • Can I change between the programs when I realize that I chose the wrong one?
  • Can I change from another university during the bachelor's?
  • Can I apply for the summer semester?
  • Which bachelor's program fits best for which master's?
  • What pre-courses offers the department of Informatics for first-year students?

⇒for prospective students Master's programs:

  • What is the difference between the study programs in the department?
  • What prerequisites do I need to have for the specific programs?
  • When and how do I choose my elective courses?
  • Can I study part-time? Do I have time to work besides my studies?