National Rankings from previous years (Department of Informatics)

In the Centre for Higher Education Development’s (CHE) 2015 ranking, TUM Informatics has achieved top positions in selected categories. In this way, the university is at the forefront when it comes to the international focus of its Master’s Program, its support for studies abroad, its range of courses and its professional relevance. In assessing the research funds per scientist, TUM Informatics is also at the top. The infrastructure, such as the IT infrastructure or library facilities, is also optimally classified.The CHE Ranking refers to German-speaking areas and primarily serves as a type of orientation for prospective students. The Centre for Higher Education Development has assessed more than 300 universities. It evaluates individual subjects every three years. The CHE interviews students and uses various indicators from teaching and research approaches. As a result, universities in each category will be classified into three groups (the top group, middle group and bottom group).  

Information Systems at the TUM received the most top ratings of all universities in the ranking by the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) 2014. Most of the grades are awarded by the students themselves. They rated the study situation at the TUM as very good. 
The Centre for Higher Education Development, a German think tank, analyzed over 300 universities offering Bachelor degree courses as part of the most comprehensive ranking in the German-speaking world, which is primarily intended to offer guidance to those interested in embarking upon courses of study. It evaluates individual disciplines in three-year cycles. The CHE surveys both students and scientists and uses various teaching and research indicators depending upon the subject. The universities are consequently classified into three groups (top, middle and bottom) in the individual categories.

The TUM School of Management achieved 3rd place in the Handelsblatt 2014 Business Ranking. The research strengths of Business faculties in the German-speaking area was not the only criterion that was compared. The publication performance of over 2000 scientists in more than 1000 journals was also evaluated.
Top marks were received by two Information Systems Professors from the Department of Informatics: In the ranking for “Life’s Work”, Helmut Krcmar achieved position 22 (Age: 60) and Martin Bichler achieved position 51 (Age: 43). In the ranking for “Best Research Achievement”, which shows the research performance of scientists in the German-speaking area in the last 5 years, at the forefront we also find Martin Bichler who occupies 18th place and Helmut Krcmar who occupies 38th place. In the assessment of presence in the qualitatively most important A+ journals, Martin Bichler even occupies the third position.
The Handelsblatt Business ranking is conducted every two years and lists scientists in German-speaking areas. Scientific publications are measured according to international standards. The ranking was created by ETH Zürich’s Swiss Economic Institute (KOF). 

The magazine Computerwoche identified 2011 the 100 most important figures in the German IT industry. The list features three TUM Informatics chair-holders: Professors Manfred Broy, Claudia Eckert and Helmut Krcmar. Also included TUM distinguished affiliated professor August-Wilhelm Scheer, and honorary professor Ernst Denert.

HR managers of German companies confirm that TUM graduates are excellent in both Informatics and Information Systems. According to a ranking conducted by the German magazine “Wirtschaftswoche” 2015 the TUM occupies first place in both Informatics and Information Systems. The magazine asked 540 personnel managers which universities do the best job teaching their students to live up to the demands of their employers. In Informatics, the TUM received 15% of votes, and therefore comes in first place, followed by TU Berlin and RWTH Aachen. As for Information Systems, 22 percent of the HR managers put the TUM in frist palce. The University of Cologne comes in second, followed by TU Dresden.

In the 2012 ranking by the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) in collaboration with the newspaper Die Zeit, TUM Informatics was recognized for its excellent research reputation.

Computerwoche-Ranking 2011: The magazine Computerwoche introduces the 100 most significant personalities in the German IT industry in the release of a book. The three chair holders from the TUM- Informatics include Manfred Broy, Claudia Eckert und Helmut Krcmar. Also listed are August-Wilhelm Scheer, TUM Distinguished Affiliated Professor, and Ernst Denert, honorary professor at the TUM. In the entire Computerwoche ranking, 13 professors from universities and other research institutions are represented – of these, five of them are interrelated with the TUM; the remaining personalities come from industry. The only one among the active information systems professors from the TUM who made the ranking was Helmut Krcmar.
The 100 most important IT-doers were selected from Computerwoche’s editorial department. At the forefront, criteria such as influence in industry as well as in society, politics, and science was included. Achievements, economic prosperity, and public appearances were also evaluated along with their future role in the IT environment.

In the university ranking of the magazine ‘Wirtschaftswoche 2011’, Informatics and Information Systems occupy the top positions. Human resources managers are convinced that students studying Information Systems at the TU München are best prepared for their careers. Alongside the 1st place for Information Systems, Informatics occupies the 2nd place.
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Recruiters of the biggest German companies all agree: alumni of the Informatics department of TUM are among the best in Germany. In the Wirtschaftswoche 2010 university ranking, the TUM Informatics was ranked third and Information Systems was ranked second best in Germany. For this ranking, more than 500 recruiters were asked for their opinion. 66% of them were from companies with more than 1000 employees.
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In the research ranking of the CHE (Center for Higher Education Development) 2009, the TUM Informatics Department is in the lead. It is one of the strongest informatics departments in Germany in the field of research. The ranking consisted of comparing third-party funds, number of doctorates and reputation. In order to gauge reputation, professors were asked which university they saw as research leaders in their field.

In a university ranking of the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) in collaboration with the nationwide newspaper ZEIT (Studienführer 2009/2010) professors testified the department of Informatics at TUM high quality in teaching and study. Furthermore they certified the department to have a high reputation in research. Polled students were confident with the relation to research and to practise.

In a university ranking published by the German magazines and newpapers WirtschaftsWoche, Junge Karriere and Handelsblatt (May 2009) more than 500 personnel managers of several lines of business evaluated the best university departments. The result: 31.7 % of polled staff managers were convinced that the TUM informatics forms the best informatics students. And 23.4 % believe that we have the best students in information systems. So the department of Informatics is ranked second.