Career Success

Career opportunities for computer scientists are continuously expanding and changing. The future is very promising for graduates with in-depth knowledge and understanding of computer systems. The advanced technical and problem-solving skills developed by informatics graduates are highly valued by employers.

A Master's in Informatics from TUM will open up a broad range of employment opportunities in many sectors. You will be qualified to take up high-level, rewarding positions in industry, business, consulting, the public sector, and research, to name just a few. You may decide to use your technical expertise in a large multinational company, in an innovative new start-up, or in setting up your own business.

Recent graduates of the Master's in Informatics program at TUM have gone on to work in a variety of exciting and challenging roles, both at home and internationally, for major companies such as. Siemens, BMW, Munich Re, SAP AG, Capgemini, or Ernst & Young, as well as for smaller companies like msg systems ag or InterFace AG. They have taken up posts as researchers, software engineers, project managers, and IT consultants. Some graduates have even founded their own company, like metaio GmbH or friendticker.

Dr. Wolfgang Wein, works at Siemens in the USA

Dr. Wolfgang Wein, born in 1979, holds a PhD in Informatics, and works as a researcher in the field of medical image processing and computer-aided operations at Siemens in the USA.
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Dr. Peggy Sekatzek, Project Manager at BMW Group

Peggy Sekatzek, born in 1976, is a computer scientist whose main focus is software engineering and project management. She works as a Project Manager for BMW Group in the field of Security & Compliance.
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Dr. Vanda Lehel, self-employed IT consultant

Dr. Vanda Lehel, born in 1976, holds a PhD in Informatics and is a qualified engineer whose main focus is software engineering as well as Web-Architecture / Technologies. Dr. Lehel is a self-employed IT consultant.
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Katharina Pentenrieder, works in Research and Development at metaio GmbH

Katharina Pentenrieder, born in 1980, holds a PhD in Informatics and works in the field of Research and Development for the company metaio GmbH.
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