Information Systems (M.Sc.)

The Master's in Information Systems focuses on the management of information and communications technology within business organizations. The program is designed to build the managerial and technical skills necessary for developing innovative solutions in business environments, taking into account social, technical, and economic aspects. There is an increasing need in the modern world for highly-skilled managers who understand how to use complex computer systems and processes effectively in order to meet business objectives. Graduates of the Master's in Information Systems program are qualified to pursue a variety of career paths in IT and business, or engage in further research at the Ph.D. level.

The Master's in Information Systems at TUM has an excellent reputation and is ranked highly by employers, as well as in various industry publications in Germany including Wirtschaftswoche, Junge Karriere, and Handelsblatt.

Program Overview

TUM has offered a Master's in Information Systems program since 2004. The program is taught in German and English over four semesters and provides a solid theoretical grounding in information systems while also developing practical skills. Information Systems students study a range of computer and business-related topics, including the following:

  • Software engineering
  • Databases
  • Operations management
  • Technology and innovation
  • Accounting

Graduates of the program are prepared for a range of IT and operational management roles in public and private sector organizations, such as software development, IT consultancy, and management accounting. Teaching and learning methods include lectures, practical work, seminars, and research projects. Throughout the program, students also benefit from the Department's strong links with industry and close cooperation with TUM Business School.

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You should hold a bachelor’s degree in informatics, information systems, economics, or a related field, and have good language skills in German and English.