Course Contents

The Master's course of study offers students with a degree in Informatics, Information Systems or Economics a foundation for a successful occupational or academic career. (e.g. Promotion). It comprises secondary and intensive lectures in Informatics, Information Systems and Business Studies:

InformaticsInformation SystemsBusiness Studies

Database Systems

Computer Networks

Software Engineering

Development Internship

Information and Knowledge Management

Software Engineering for operational uses

Business Analytics

CIO Planspiel

Operations Management



Technology and Innovations Management

Next to intensive Master's lectures, the course of study offers a row of courses that support certain occupational fields and encourage team work

  • Lectures pertaining to the areas of occupational field specializations are presented by experienced practitioners. These courses offer the possibility to familiarize oneself with current practical problems in specific occupational fields (CIO, CTO, IT-Consultant).
  • In the CIO-business game acquired knowledge should be used to train applied and strategic thinking.
  • In the Development Internship students develop software for operational problems in small groups.