Winter Semester 2021/22

Titel Type Language Instructor
Introduction to Informatics 1 (IN0001) Lecture DE A. Pretschner, S. Kacianka, J. Wagener
Safety&Security (IN2385) Lecture EN A. Pretschner
Practical IT-Security (IN2198) Lecture Elite-SE DE A. Pretschner
Technology and Law (IN9049) Lecture DE A. Pretschner, vhb Uni Würzburg
Introduction to Data Protection Law (IN9050) Lecture DE A. Pretschner, vhb Uni Würzburg
Lecture Series "Digitalization" (IN2348)  Lecture DE A. Pretschner, T. Hutzelmann
Software Quality (IN0014, IN2107) Seminar DE/EN A. Pretschner, M. Schnappinger
Inverse Transparency – A new form of data privacy (IN0014, IN2107, IN4985) Seminar EN A. Pretschner, V. Zieglmeier
CDTM Trend Seminar (IN9026) Seminar (CDTM) DE A. Pretschner
From Sub-Systems to Systems of Systems – Developing Autonomous Driving Functions (IN0012, IN2106) Practicum DE/EN A. Pretschner, N. Kolb, S. Speth
Fundamentals of Programming (Exercises & Laboratory) (IN0002) Practicum DE A. Pretschner, S. Kacianka, J. Wagener
Automotive Software Entwicklung (IN2106, IN4124) Practicum DE A. Pretschner, V. Zieglmeier
Trends in Software Engineering (IN2122) Oberseminar DE/EN A. Pretschner

Summer Semester 2021

Past Courses

Title Type Language
Advanced Topics of Software Engineering Lecture EN
Advanced Topics of Software Testing Lecture EN
Accountability: A Cross-disciplinary View Seminar EN
Android Security Lab Practical Course EN
Automated Programming Seminar DE
Automatic Diagnosis of Drone Crashes Practical Course EN
Automotive Software Development Practical Course EN
Automotive Software - Methods and Technologies Seminar DE
Context Dynamicity in Engineering Self-adaptive Systems  Seminar EN
Creating the autonomous crane of the future Practical Course EN
Data Analytics for Cyber-Physical Systems: Automatic Failure Diagnosis (IN2106, IN0012) Practical Course EN
Digitalization (Lecture Series) Lecture DE
Ethics and Digitalization Seminar DE
Ethical Software and Systems Engineering Practical Course DE
Ethically Implementing and Practicing Inverse Transparency – A new form of data privacy (IN2106) Practicum EN
Evolutionary Test Case Generation for Autonomous Driving Practical Course DE/EN
From Sensors to Driving Functions - develop your own car Practicum DE
Functional Safety  Lecture DE
Fundamentals of Program and System Development Lecture DE
Fuzz Testing for Vulnerability Detection Seminar EN
Hacking Automotive Networks Practical Course DE
Hacking Greybox Fuzzers Practical Course EN
Implementing and Practicing Inverse Transparency (IN2106) Practical Course EN
Internet of Things and Services Lecture EN
Intrusion Detection and Forensic Analysis Seminar EN
Java 9 Modularity Seminar Seminar EN
Knowledge Reuse: From Threat to Causal Models and Back! Seminar EN
Microservice Integrity Protection Practical Course EN
Modeling of Distributed Systems Lecture DE
NLP for Software Engineering Seminar DE
Opening the Black Box, Trends in expainable AI (IN2107) Seminar EN
Practical IT-Security (Elite SE) Lecture DE
Recent advances in Computer Systems (IN0014, IN2107) Seminar EN
Requirements Engineering (Elite SE) Lecture DE/EN
Requirements Engineering Lecture EN
Safety und Security (IN2385) Lecture EN
Secure Coding Practical Course EN
Security Engineering Lecture EN
Smart Self-Adaptive Cyber-Physical Systems - A Road towards Autonomous Systems Practical Course EN
Software Integrity Protection Practical Course EN
Software Quality Seminar EN/DE
Systems Engineering (MSE) Lecture EN/DE
Technology and Law  Lecture EN
Verification and Validation in Cyber Physical Systems Practical Course EN