Winter term 2021/22

Course no.TitleTypeDates
0000000675(Advanced) Practical Course - Implementation of Process Mining Algorithms: Transformative Business Knowledge (IN0012, IN2130, IN2106, IN4304)PRLink
0000003522Advanced Practical Course - Application Challenges for Machine Learning on IBM Power Architecture (IN2128, IN2106, IN212810)PRLink
0000000486Advanced Practical Course - Developing innovative services at the example of SAP technologies (IN2128, IN2106, IN212802)PRLink
0000001148Advanced Practical Course - Enterprise Software Engineering at the Example of SAP (IN2128, IN2106, IN212801) PRLink
0000000717Advanced Practical Course - Sustainable Process Automation: Humans, Software and the Mediator Pattern (IN2128, IN2106, IN4303)PRLink
0000005638Advanced Practical Course – Building Digital Workflows with the Enterprise Platform ServiceNow (IN2106, IN2128, IN4283)PRLink
0000001900Advanced Seminar - Digital Transformation & Sustainability (IN2107, IN4426)SELink
0000001359Advanced Seminar - Digital Transformation (IN2107, IN4831)SELink
0000000662Advanced Seminar - Scientific Methods in Information Systems (IN2107, IN4439)SELink
0000000674Advanced Seminar Course for Graduands and Postgraduates - Business Process Management (IN2122)SELink
240963004Advanced Seminar Course for Graduands and Postgraduates - Information Systems (IN2122)SELink
0000001571Bachelor-/Master-Praktikum - Introduction to Process Mining with Implementation of a Webservice (IN0012, IN2106, IN2130)PRLink
0240955863Business Process Technologies and Management (IN2105)VILink
0000000671Doctoral Seminar Business Process Management (IN2136)SELink
240919850Doctoral Seminar Information Systems - Workshop on Information Systems and Services Sciences (IN2136)SELink
0000003992IT Law in Public Administrations: E-Government Act, IT Security and Procurement (Überfachliche Grundlagen, IN9046)SELink
0240992279Introduction to Information Systems (IN0021)VOLink
0000000147Introduction to Information Systems, Exercise Session (IN0021)UELink
0000002163Practical Course - Designing IT-based Learning (IN0012, IN4138)PRLink
0000005682Seminar - Scientific Methods in Information Systems (IN0014, IN4440)SELink