Sponsor a department event

Summer Party

Coming up in June 2022 (date not confirmed yet)

The TUM Department of Informatics holds a summer festival each year at the end of the summer semester. Targeted at the department’s students, doctoral candidates and employees, the festival serves as a forum to strengthen students’ ties to the department and intensify their contact with department and staff. The primary goal is to create a fun atmosphere with food, beverages and music. Over the past few years, we have hosted some 1.600 guests for each event. Support the festival as a sponsor!

Your company can benefit as follows:

  • Hand-out promotional material and giveaways during the entire event from your information booth in the main hall, or “Magistrale” Personal contact with young computer scientists is guaranteed!
  • Add an individual touch!  Offering attractive promotions, such as a cocktail, ice cream or coffee bar at your booth, or organizing contests, draws attention to your company and leaves a positive impression.
  • Place your logo on various promotional materials for the event and reach your target audience in advance of the festival!
  • Use social media while promoting the festival to reach IT enthusiasts. The TUM Department of Informatics Facebook page has more than 7.400 friends

Please contact Doris Herrmann if you are interested in sponsoring the summer festival.

“hackaTUM” hackathon

Coming up in November 2022 (date not confirmed yet)

The TUM Department of Informatics has organized an annual “hackaTUM” hackathon since 2016. Companies can participate with funding, IT tools or digitalization projects. Our department stands for expertise, creativity, performance and highly-motivate students. We provide the infrastructure, including rooms, draft contracts, organization and promotion. The results of the hackathon are open source. More than 700 young “hackers” participate at each event.

Your company can benefit as follows:

  • You get to know highly-motivated talent in a working atmosphere over an entire weekend.
  • You witness the creation of terrific ideas for solving a variety of IT problems.
  • You get direct feedback regarding the functionality of your tools.
  • You become a topic of discussion for participants even beyond the boundaries of the hackathon, meaning your company will reach other students as well.

If you are interested in participating in the hackathon, please contact Oleksandra Klymenko.

Informatics Day and Graduation Ceremony/Awards Ceremony

Coming up in December 2022 (date not confirmed yet)

The TUM Department of Informatics holds an “Informatics Day and Graduation Ceremony” in December of every year. The primary target group of the event is graduates and their families and friends. The event is also used an occasion to award graduation certificates to the graduates of our bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, as well as our doctoral and Habilitation candidates. The Awards Ceremony also recognizes particularly outstanding achievements, after which the guests – about 1.900 in years past – celebrate with food, drinks and music.

Your company can benefit as follows:

  • Establish direct contact at your information booth with successful young computer scientists heading into the next phase of their careers.
  • Sponsor an award and establish close contact with a top graduate as a result.
  • Place your logo on various media to give your company a presence before, during and after the festival.

If you have questions regarding the graduate festival, please contact Dr. Carsten Trinitis or Doris Herrmann.