Completing your Studies

Graduation documents an preliminary certificates:

Please be aware that graduation documents and preliminary certificates can only be issued when all grades in TUMonline (including the thesis) are validated. Certificates for students of the Faculty for Informatics  are issued by the Graduation Office and Academic Records Campus Garching exclusively, after approval by the Examination Board. Please contact the Secretary of the Examination Board of your study program as soon as all your grades are validated. (Responsible Secretary of the Examination Board: see section "Contact" on the webpage for your study program)

Transition Bachelor - Master:

If you enroll for a consecutive Master's program at the Department of Informatics after your Bachelor's degree, we will forward your bachelor's degree to the Admissions and Enrollment Office for enrollment (not for the application!). The graduation documents are therefore not necessary for enrollment. A green checkmark will then appear in the online application portal for your degree certificate and diploma. Please note that it may take a few days until the documents are updated in the portal. If you do not see these two green check marks 1 week before the enrollment deadline, please contact the secretary of the examination board as soon as possible.

For more information on completing your degree, please click here.