Transfer of Credits

Recognition of Credits for master's students

If you have previously completed part or all of a (master's) degree program in Informatics at another university, we may be able to recognize your results for a program at TUM. Please be aware about our deadlines. Examinations from bachelor's programs can only be recognized if they were in addition and did not count for your bachelor's degree; therefore we need your certificate and your transcript of records. Please check the relevant TUM academic and examination regulations regarding the structure and content of your program. Already enrolled as a TUM student we expect you to take part in TUM modules.

For TUM internal transfer of credits please refer to the German version of this page.

Please note §24 of the General Academic and Examination Regulations: "Students who have failed examinations administered by the Technische Universität München may repeat those examinations only at the Technische Universität München." This means that after registration for an exam at TUM this exam cannot be transferred any more; please plan accordingly.

Please note further §3 (5) of the General Academic and Examination Regulations: "The academic title may be used with the name of the university “(TUM)” to allow identification with the Technische Universität München and its quality standards. The option set out in sentence 1 requires that the major part of the relevant studies were pursued at the Technische Universität München."

The recognition process takes about 4 months. The recognitions are entered in your TUMonline grade report. If you do not see them after 4 months please contact the Secretary of the Examination Board of your study program.

You have been on exchange during your IN.TUM studies and obtained credits. You would like to have them recognized and count toward your master's program at IN.TUM, please refer to the Recognition of Credtis earned abroad page.

The Recognition Process

Before we can transfer credits from another university to a program at TUM Informatics, you need to have enrolled in your program at TUM. As the recognition process is very complex, we are not able to recognize results before you are enrolled.

When you have enrolled at TUM, you can request recognition of your credits.

You can send the application with a handwritten signature and scanned, as well as all other required documents via e-mail to
Please send them from one of your TUM accounts, ideally encrypted.

The Academic Advisors will then check which documents you need to submit as originals with stamp and signature. You can then hand them in personally at an individually arranged time or send the documents by mail:

   Technical University Munich
   Study Office Informatics, SB-S-IN, academic advising
   Boltzmannstr. 3
   D-85748 Garching

Exceptions are

  1. Master RCI - please contact your Studiengangskoordination 
  2. Master CSE - please contact your program coordinators

Please consider all modules you would like to have recognized with the comparison of the corresponding TUM modules. Please compare learning objectives, competencies, contents and workload of the individual courses in advance. If you have any further questions, please contact the Academic Advising. In the APSO (General Academic and Examination Rules) it is stated in §16 (4) sentence 5: The documents to be submitted include, but are not limited to, module descriptions including learning outcomes, teaching methods, contents, workload and requirements as well as the system applied for grading the module.

In the APSO (General Academic and Examination Rules) it is stated in §16 (4) sentence 4: Where certificates or other documentation are submitted in a language other than German or English, students may be requested to provide certified translations into German.

We need the following documents from you:

  1. The completed (please do not fill it in handwritten) application form – please note there are two sheets.
  2. Module descriptions as described above 
    This information should be taken from your university's official module handbook or program guide.
  3. Official examination certificates for the courses from your university. Please note that we need the originals (we will make copies and return the originals to you), or certified copies and translations if applicable (i.e. if the certificates are not in German, English, or French). Papers must have a signature and a university stamp.
  4. If you do not submit the application at the beginning of your first semester in the new program: TUMonline examination report of the program in which the credits are to be recognized.

Students who have previously studied at a university outside Germany also need to:

  • provide an official explanation of the credit and grading system for their program. This must indicate clearly:
    • the highest grade on the grade scale
    • the lowest grade on the grade scale
    • the grade under which students are considered to have failed the course

If no ECTS are shown on the transcript of the foreign university, we also require official proof of the workload in credit points of the university per semester.


Should you get modules with at least 28 ECTS credits recognized for a study program, you will be placed higher by one or more subject-related semesters (Fachsemester). This occurs at the following limits:

  • Recognition of modules amounting to 28-57 credits ⇒ advancement of 1 subject-related semester (Fachsemester)
  • Recognition of modules amounting to 58-87 credits ⇒ advancement of 2 subject-related semesters (Fachsemester)
  • Recognition of modules amounting to 88-117 credits ⇒ advancement of 3 subject-related semesters (Fachsemester)
  • Recognition of modules amounting to 118-147 credits ⇒ advancement of 4 subject-related semesters (Fachsemester)
  •  ...


Your application for recognition of credits should be submitted as soon as possible after you enroll at TUM so that you are able to plan your studies properly. The latest your application should be submitted is during your first semester.

In the APSO (General Academic and Examination Rules) it is stated in §16 (4) sentence 3: An application for recognition of examination results from earlier programs of study may be filed with the Examination Board only once within the first study year at the Technische Universität München.