After Graduation – What’s Next?

Graduation is right around the corner – what’s next? Your first step should be to give yourself a pat on the back for completing a rigorous degree program at Germany’s leading technical university. The opportunities that await you as a TUM Informatics graduate are endless!

Once you’ve taken some time to celebrate your accomplishment, consider the following next steps for your career, be it academic or professional.

We wish you all the best for your future!

Study and Research

Earn Your Master's Degree

After finishing your bachelor’s degree, why not continue your studies and specialize in your favorite subject area? We offer a broad choice of highly sought-after master’s degree programs in English and German, and graduates of our bachelor’s programs enjoy priority admission. A master’s degree from TUM Informatics makes you a prime candidate for private-sector jobs throughout Germany, Europe, and the world, and qualifies you to apply for a Ph.D. Find out more: Master’s degree programs at TUM Informatics

Earn Your Ph.D.

After completing a master’s program, join our faculty in exploring the frontiers of knowledge. Ph.D. candidates spend several years doing in-depth research on a topic of their choice alongside our expert faculty. Depending on your research topic, you can also write your dissertation in collaboration with local companies. A Ph.D. qualifies you for further academic positions and makes you a very attractive candidate for work in the private sector. Find out more: Ph.D. opportunities at TUM Informatics.

Working in Germany

The German labor market is the perfect place for IT specialists. There has been a shortage of qualified IT workers in Germany for years and jobs are abundant. A degree from TUM Informatics is the premier qualification in the field in Germany – and around the world – making you an even more attractive candidate.

Visa Regulations / Residence Permit
After obtaining a job offer for a position in Germany requiring a higher education diploma (e.g. a bachelor’s or master’s degree), you can apply for a residence permit for work or for self-employment ("Blue Card"). The residence permit will be linked to your specific position, but can be changed easily if you change jobs after approval from the relevant authorities. After living in Germany for a few years, you can apply for a permanent residence permit.

TUM Informatics graduates generally are able to find a job in the IT sector very quickly after they finish their studies.

For graduates of TUM Informatics

After having succesfully completed your studies at TUM, you essentially have free access to the labor market. Your residence permit may be renewed for up to 18 months to enable you to look and apply for a position in keeping with your academic degree. To apply for such a renewal (or for a Blue Card if you already have a job offer), you must submit a proof of successful completion of your studies. Once you have completed all your courses of your degree, incl. the thesis, you can get a confirmation of successful completion of studies. More information here.

While you are looking for a permanent job, there are no restrictions on your freedom to engage in other forms of gainful employment.

Alumni Network

There is a wide range of services and activities available to you as a TUM alum. Your TUM Alumni Network will be a very valuable resource for you now – and throughout your life and career!

TUM regularly organizes events for alumni to meet up, network, and reconnect with the department. Register online at KontaktTUM to stay informed about upcoming events and learn how you can get involved.