Arrival and Orientation

Welcome to TUM and Munich! We’re here to make sure that your first few days and weeks at the department go smoothly.

Finding TUM Informatics

TUM Informatics is located at TUM’s Garching campus, a few minutes outside of central Munich and easily accessible by public transportation or car. We share the building with the Department of Mathematics. See here for the Travelling Time. You can also use the room finder.
For more information and details on how to find TUM’s campuses see Contacts and Directions
There is also an Interactive Campus Tour just using your smartphone or tablet!

Orientation at TUM

Every year in September, TUM offers a pre-study course, including orientation and language courses of different levels. In addition to that, each semester, a TUM university-wide social and orientation program for is organised by International Campus Life

Academic and Departmental Orientation

An extensive orientation week is organized by TUM Informatics every semester for degree students. See the Orientation Program for all the details.
For incoming exchange students there is a special welcome event with the start of the semester.

Don't forget...

In order to enter Germany, you may need a visa. You will not require a visa to enter Germany if you possess a valid passport from an EU Member State, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, or Switzerland. However, please make sure your passport is valid, and if necessary, renew it as early as possible before leaving for Germany.

There are different types of visas according to your purpose of stay. For every type of visa you will be asked to hand in different documents. There are visas for

  • participants in German courses
  • individuals applying to an academic program
  • students (also at Studienkolleg)
  • students with a scholarship

The entry visa is valid for 90 days. After entering Germany, apply for a residence permit at the local foreigners registration authority. 
You will need to submit a proof of your financial resources. One possibility is to open a blocked account at a bank which offers blocked accounts (e.g. Deutsche Bank, Fintiba, Coracle, Expatrio). For further information contact the German embassy or consulate in your country.

Apply for your visa at least two months in advance, and do not enter Germany with a tourist visa! Once you are in Germany, a tourist visa cannot be changed for a residence permit for students and you will have to go back home!

Should you have any problems during your visa application, just contact us and tell us:

  • at which embassy or consulate you have applied for your visa
  • what exactly you need and in which format (e.g. sealed admission letter by post)
  • your registration code at the embassy or consulate
  • your phone number so that you can be reached by the embassy or consulate

Please note that we are only able to supply necessary additional documents but have no means to accelerate the visa procedure. 
Before writing to us, please get information from the local embassy or consulate so that you know exactly what you need.

Finding accommodation in Munich is very difficult. Around 13% of the students live in a student residence, the big majority lives in shared flats and appartments. For getting assigned a room in a Student residence, they often have to wait for one to three semesters.

Student residences

The Student Union (Studentenwerk) is in charge of most of the student residences and receives your application online. Please visit their website first. You can find there:

application for rooms in a student residence of Student Union
information about private student residences

After getting admitted, please do apply for a student room (start of application: 15. Nov. for the summer term, 15. March for the winter term)! Nearly all courses in the Master are held in Garching. Nearest residences are the ones in Garching, Studentenstadt Freimann, Olympic Village, and others located next to U 6, the underground line going to Garching. From Klinikum Großhadern to Garching it takes 40 minutes. Many students do live north of Garching and use the bus from Eching or Neufarn to the Campus. Please check the plans for underground lines and busses or the needed connection time.

Most of the students cannot get a room in a residence. Please do apply parallely for a room in a private residence and check the private market after you have arrived here. Do also network with other students!!

The private market: Shared flats and single appartments

There are two housing advice services that you can contact:

  • TUM's housing search assistance offers an online database with private offers and a list of abbreviations so that you can understand the offers. Their website also gives information on short term accomodation.
  • Accomodation advice by the Student Union

Then, it is always good to check the website of the English speaking community in Munich Toytown.

Attention! Munich is a very safe city and people are friendly. However, demand on the housing market is large and some people take advantage of that. Please do never send any money to anyone before having seen the flat/room and having signed a contract!

Please do not expect to find a room on the private market while you are still abroad, landlords also want to know you in person of course! Only students may be ready to talk to you by skype or agree to sublet their room (holiday rentals etc.) when you're still abroad.

Special information for the winter term:
In September/October please be aware of the famous Oktoberfest. Around 6 million visitors will come to Munich during 2 weeks which leads to fully booked hostels and very high prices (50€ or more for a bed in a dorm)!

Everyone moving to a new city in Germany has to register within two weeks at the Citizen's Office ("Bürgerbüro") of the respective city. You'll need your passport and a socalled "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung".

You can find the form and further information on the website of KVR(Munich) and Garching City, for other cities around Munich, the regulations are similar.

You can open a bank account in every bank, some banks offer free giro accounts. 

If you already have a blocked account, please let it be activated at the office of your bank!

Every student is required to have a health insurance. When coming to Germany, you have probably got a travel health insurance, now you will need one for students. You will need to submit a health certificate in order to enroll at the TUM and to apply for a residence permit. Depending on the country you come from, different possibilities are available to you. Some health insurances can already register while you are still abroad. You can find further information and some addresses here.

The Student Union has arranged a  special offer for international students. It is only recommended for students of the age of 30 or older.

You will get the official status as a student once all the documents listed in your TUMonline account have been submitted and the Student Union fee (incl. ticket for public transport, see below) for the current semester has been paid. In case you need to submit any further documents (e.g. health insurance), please bring it to the Service Desk an the main Campus. You can then download your student papers to your online account. The Student Card (chip card) needed for example at the library, Mensa (refectory) etc. can be picked up at the Information Center of the Student's Service Center.

Registration renewal: The tuition fees have to be paid for every study term. Remember to renew your registration as a student of the TUM by paying the fees at the end of the previous term (February 15 and August 15)!

Before you enroll, you need to pay a fee of for the Student Union. The fee can change a little from one semester to another. The current amount can be found here. The fee includes a basic ticket for public transport that can be upgraded easily with the supplemementary Isar Card Semester, check here for further information.

Once you have your student papers, the next step is to apply for a residence permit at the Foreigner's Offices at either

KVR (for Munich City),

Landratsamt München (in German, but incl. Address, Contacts and forms; 
for Garching, and the surrounding cities north, east and south of Munich)

Landratsamt Freising (in English, you will need to make an appointment; 
for Freising, Neufarn and other cities in the west of Munich).

You need to bring:

  • completely filled-in application form
  • valid passport
  • enrollment certificate of the TUM
  • proof of health insurance
  • proof of financial resources for at least 1 year
  • proof of city registration
  • a visa for study purposes if applicable
  • a current passport photograph with biometric criteria

Charges: issue of a residence permit approx. 110 €; extension 65 - 80 €