Promotion of outstanding students at the department of Informatics:

The Department of Informatics promotes the best two percent of its students by a special program, independent of the participation in another program and without obligation for the promoted students. In particular, the promotion shall confront the best students with open and especially difficult issues in Informatics. It could be a task for your generation to find solutions! Besides, you get advice as to your study, opportunities for discussion, tools, and in some favourable cases even a working place in the institute. Prof. Arndt Bode and Vivija Simić (, guide the promotion, which comprises the following elements:

  1. Assignment to a chair of your choice. By this you get an early insight into current and (maybe) open issues in informatics research.Information about external promotion opportunities.For external study, internships, and research, support is given for selection and application, in Germany and abroad, in science and industry.
  2. Recommendations to the department with respect to the development of Informatics Teaching, in particular from the point of view of the best students.
  3. Continuous information about scientific events of the department.
  4. Nomination for the central TUM promotion programs “Junge Akademie” (Young Academy) with its focus on interdisciplinarity, soft skills and personality evolution. The Young Academy comprises an interdisciplinary project, meetings with exponents from economy and public life, evening meetings devoted to particular themes, excursions, weekend seminars.
  5. Special courses, e.g. “Pearls of Informatics”.
  6. Certificate which states that you belong to the best two percent of the Department’s students.

Membership in is based on the study of performance (by the end of the third term), or on recommendations based on particular contributions to the Department. The Department will invite you, if you are qualified for membership. The membership ends with exmatriculation.