Personal Counseling and Assistance

In addition to the services of the Department of Informatics other branches inside and outside the university offer free counseling for any issues you may want to discuss. Here you can find trustful help in all personal matters. They are specialized in students, have daily experience, and treat your concern confidentially. Please make use of these offers in all cases, concerning e.g.fear of examinations, finance, physical or mental health, depression, addictions, legal matters, relationship problems.

Several organizations offer personal counseling:

Munich Student Union:

Religious student’s associations: 

TUM: Take our Advise

Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS):





The staff at TUM Informatics’ Infopoint offers assistance for all questions around studying in Garching in the Department of Informatics. They are your first contact and help especially with 

  • Registration for exams
  • Hand-in of theses 
  • Handling of TUMonline
  • Computer identification and certificates
  • Identification and contact data of the responsible persons in charge for special concerns 

These services are offered in addition to the academic advising help.