Improved Study Conditions through State Subsidies

Since the 2013/14 winter semester, TUM has been receiving financial subsidies from the state of Bavaria to support the improvement of its teaching and general study conditions. These subsidies are used partially for university-wide projects, while the other part is distributed directly to individual departments. 

In adherence to legal guidelines, the Department of Informatics uses the allocated subsidies exclusively for the improvement of teaching and general study conditions. Examples of uses include: 

  • personnel resources such as tutors for small tutorial groups, 
  • an “Infopoint” to serve as a first source of information for all questions, 
  • enhanced student advising services, 
  • increased support for students wishing to study abroad, 
  • student assistants for research groups, and 
  • material expenses (e.g. publishing lecture notes).

Students also take part in decisions on how the funds are used. Plans for improving study conditions will be developed by a specially selected committee (Departmental Committee for Tuition Substitution Funds) consisting of faculty members and student representatives. Students are involved in all aspects of implementation and control of initiatives financed by the subsidies. Additionally, students are invited to share their opinions, feedback, and complaints about teaching and student conditions through a central office (Officers of the Dean of Studies). Improvements will be made based on an evaluation of student opinions and feedback. Students are encouraged to take advantage of all the services and offerings made available through the subsidy support. Furthermore, students are invited to help implement and organize these individual measures.

Information, details, and news about the individual measures can be found in the Plan for the Utilization of State Subsidies and in the Catalog of Measures for the period 01.01.2022 to 31.12.2022.

Please contact Birgit Rosenbaum for any questions regarding quality assurance, the use of program subsidies, or the implementation of measures.